The Unglued Craft Fest comes this weekend

The 12th annual event brings creativity to the ND winter

With fewer events going after the holiday season and before spring, Unglued brings the community together to enjoy art for a weekend. The Unglued market is happening this coming weekend, March 11-12. This event is an opportunity for community members to participate in craft demonstrations and events. It also allows local artists to sell their goods and gain support throughout the community. 

The event, held in West Acres Mall, will host around 70 modern makers and artists who will be showing and selling their art and crafts. The craft fest will also hold events that teach people how to use their creativity through art demonstrations. The Unglued Craft Fest has activities for all ages including a DJ, a scavenger hunt, photo booth and a crafty lounge. 

Ashley Morken is the founder and owner of Unglued. She first held the event in 2011 and was meant to be a one time event. However, the craft fest success sparked the idea of the Unglued store. Every year Unglued still puts on the event. “It always kinda brings us back to why we started,” said Morken. 

“The goal is to really connect and support over 70 modern makers and artists,” said Morken. 

The craft fest occurs in the middle of winter every year. “We really just wanted it to be in the dead of winter, like an explosion of crafty, creative fun that connects people to modern makers in our community,” said Morken. 

Unglued selects artists to be featured in the event. Morken stated that she likes to give new artists a chance to feature their art as well. Unglued uses a “jury” to make the selections looking for qualities such as originality, quality and Unglued fit. “We always want to have room for new and emerging makers,” said Morken. This year 40% are brand new to the craft fest out of 69 makers. 

Unglued looks for artists called “modern makers” that have a unique style. A modern maker is an artist or craftsperson with a “whimsical, just modern vibe on traditional crafty techniques,” said Morken. They also look for progress and growth from their artists, showing new ideas and creativity. “We want to make sure anyone that we get involved will succeed,” said Morken.

The event is free for everyone and is geared towards all ages and people. Not only can people see the creativity of others but can experience for themselves. Morken states that at the craft fest you will get “excited about your community, get inspired and then also find just really crazy, unique things.”

Morken explains how it is also a great opportunity to learn about the community. The modern makers “start to really see how supportive Fargo really is of small businesses,” says Morken. “There is always something surprising to be discovered.” 

“You go out there to support this creative culture in your community and to get something unique in your own life,” said Morken. 

The 12th Annual Unglued Craft Fest will be held at West Acres Mall on March 11-12. 

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