The Spectrum’s Voting Contest

The Spectrum wants to hear from our readers on the importance of voting. To do so, The Spectrum is offering an essay contest on the importance of voting.

On Tuesday, November 6, America will go to the polls. The 2018 Midterm Elections offer up a chance to change the political landscape of the country.

Voter turnout, however, in the midterm elections tend to be lower than presidential elections. In fact, the 2014 midterms had the lowest voter turnout, at 33.9 percent, since 1942.

Voting is important, and we at The Spectrum want you all to go out and vote on November 6. Every single news outlet will run a story along those lines within the next two weeks. But we don’t want to hear it from them, we want to hear it from you.

Details of the contest

Responses will be included in an article on November 5, the day before midterm voting. The prompt is as follows: “Why is it important to vote, and what does that mean to you?”

Like all good contests, there will be prizes. The top-three writers will get their choice of bobbleheads made by FOCO.

Responses should be directed to up until November 2. Winners will be selected and the top three will be allowed their choice of bobbleheads. NDSU is an amazing place for so many reasons, we have the best students, the best football team and for our state and country, we need the best voters.

The bobbleheads include Carson Wentz in NDSU gear high fiving Thundar, a $60 value, Thundar with NDSU’s six FCS National Championships, a $40 value, and Carson Wentz in Eagles gear riding an Eagle, a $35 value.


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