The power in silence

Serenity can be found in unlikely places

Riley Dorau | Photo Courtesy
Just like the still ocean which can often seem daunting, silence can either be seen as peace or chaos.

The best way to describe the importance of a topic like this would be with an example. The most recent example is COVID-19. 

When COVID-19 hit, the world seemed to be at a pause. In an uncontrollable situation we have two options: sink into the chaos or find the power that comes with silence. The difference between the two is society is chaotic whereas silence is uncomfortable. So, what can we learn from a quiet mind or, even at times, a quiet world?

I’ll never forget when quarantine first started, I drove around in the country right before a rainstorm. The sky was a dark navy blue and I thought the drive would clear my mind but I remembered thinking how I’ve never felt so alone before. My music was turned off and my window was rolled down. I just drove and listened to the silence of the world. 

I remember not even passing a single car on the drive. It felt like I was the only one left in the world. It seems dramatic but I learned so much from being “stuck” in quarantine.

Life is about lessons, it is about what you’re learning from an experience. For me, it was accepting the bitter silence that COVID-19 brought. Although at the beginning of quarantine, it was lonely and had a lot of unknowns, we soon adapted to our new normal.

 The silence started to come from not only within but a nation as a whole. However, the loneliness started to connect us again and the resilience of humankind began to take shape. From fearing the quiet to finding a sense of appreciation inside the silence, people began to shift their mindset and no longer took the daily routine for granted. 

As you grow older, you become more aware of the benefits that come with tranquility. The quiet breaks throughout the day can reconnect us, ease our minds and put us in touch with ourselves, even when it’s intolerable (like parts of COVID-19).

Sometimes taking a moment to be still is remembering a loved one or waking up before the sun rises or listening to the riffle of the ocean. It’s those serene moments in life you can’t describe.

Not only does silence enhance your understanding of yourself but also benefits you in conversations. By choosing silence, you will naturally listen more and give others the opportunity to share more—enhancing your relationships. 

The importance of engagement and taking the time for silence sends the message that you are worth hearing. A Chinese philosopher named Lao Tzu once said, “Silence is a source of great strength.” Honor your life and others by practicing silence regularly.

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