The Illuminati Conspiracy is Real

Conspiracy theorists make outrageous claims, but skeptics fail to realize: Illuminism is a real religion.

Of all the issues occupying our political landscape, the Illuminati conspiracy is probably the strangest one.

Conspiracy theorists submit that a secret society known as the Illuminati is covertly manipulating people into serving its agenda.

The alleged goals of the Illuminati are as numerous as the conspiracy theorists. Some say they are responsible for causing 9/11, while others believe that George H.W. Bush is a ringleader in a network of satanic pedophiles. Some even believe that our politicians are actually shape-shifting reptilian aliens in disguise.

Skeptics are correct that conspiracy theorists make outrageous claims. But there is one basic fact most skeptics fail to realize: Illuminism is a real religion that has had a profound impact on our culture.

You cannot have a rational discussion on this topic if you refuse to acknowledge this.

When you realize that Illuminism is a real religion, it is shocking to see how influential they are. It also becomes easier to separate the fact from the fiction.

Part of the reason why there is so much misinformation about the Illuminati is because Illuminists are highly secretive.

This secrecy can be seen in the name of the religion itself. I call it Illuminism, however it goes by many different names, some of which include: the occult, witchcraft, Satanism, paganism, New Age, esotericism, Gnosticism, alchemy, Hermeticism and Thelema.

Adherents of these religions may claim they are practicing different religions. This is not true. These are different denominations of the same religion. A unifying characteristic of these denominations is the belief humans are divine. Divine beings that should, and will, become gods.

One realizes this divinity by achieving altered states of consciousness using a variety of techniques. One is said to become Illuminated, enlightened or transcendent upon reaching this divine state.

Some of these techniques are relatively benign, however many are frowned upon (and even outlawed) by mainstream society. There is more to the religion than this; however, this is it at its most fundamental level.

Further adding to the confusion is that the vast majority of Illuminists are deceived into practicing a whitewashed version of Illuminism. Most do not know what they are talking about when they try to defend their religion.

Those who are aware of what the religion actually stands for would be considered “Illuminati,” though they may not identify as such.

The fact that people are being deceived in this manner definitely qualifies as a conspiracy.

If you do not believe that Illuminism is an influential religion, go into Barnes and Noble on 42nd Street. The store’s religion section has half an aisle dedicated to it. Clearly there are practicing Illuminists in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

I realize that I cannot fully examine Illuminism in one article, but understand that it is a real religion that needs to be taken seriously. I find it disturbing how much this supposedly nonexistent religion is influencing society.

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  1. Of course it’s a religion, it’s the one practiced by the very entertainment industry leaders and politicians mocking Christians, left and right. Christians are the ones being represented as moronic, empty-headed followers in film, music, theater and by Progressive politicians, while those who follow Luciferianism — the true name of what you are writing about, here — have their own rituals and beliefs they follow.

    The same people mocking church-goers, go to see astrologists to get their star signs read, get their power crystals charged, tarot readings, etc. Some of these people will make no, major choices without checking their star charts who having a tarot card reading, first. Rockefeller Center is one, big shrine to Luciferianism. Many people know this but for some reason, what’s called “New Age” religion, is not as “goofy” as Christianity or Judaism? How can a Kabbalist mock Sephardi Jews, when The Kabbalah is supposed to be based on Jewish mysticism?

    It’s the disingenuousness of it all, that really gets me. No one putting crystals in their windows to “re-charge their psychic power” has any business mocking Christians who go to church on Sundays. Why do we not ask these leaders of industry to explain themselves more, when they mock Christians? Why do so many just laugh and go along with it?

    1. …and to make it clear, the new cultural puritans are those who bow to these Luciferians, as they police language wherever they comes across people talking, in the name of “social justice”. They try to quash any Christian celebrations wherever they may find them. They are the new Totalitarians.

  2. You’re mistaken. But, please enjoy your left brain existence. Your reality is arguably less real than the right brain, intuitive, empathic reality, but it is your choice to live it.

    Psychopathic Aristocrats are in fact real, and operate behind humanized psychopathic corporations which control the world. That is who the illuminati is. I do not like this term.

    Illuminism that you are intending to paint is simply embracing Love, Light, Truth, which all spiritual paths seek to do.. there is nothing wrong with people being Loving, accepting, present and truthful.

    Stop projecting your left brain reality and your limited understanding of reality, please.

    1. Your comment is a perfect example of how Illuminists deceive people into becoming involved with their religion. I see this kind of rhetoric in occult literature all the time. To anybody who is unfamiliar with Illuminism, I am going to explain what exactly James is saying and why I think he is wrong.

      As a forewarning, I understand that my explanation is long-winded, but it is important that I be thorough so that you can appreciate how intricate Illuminist deception is.

      1.) Illuminists are solipsists. They believe that reality consists solely of your own subjective perceptions. Based on his first paragraph, James clearly belongs to this mindset.

      Illuminists are also pantheistic, meaning that they believe all forms of reality are manifestations of god. James never mentioned pantheism, but this in itself is normal; Illuminists will never give a complete explanation of what their religion stands for. It is always vague, incoherent nonsense like in James’ comment. Sometimes this is intentional deception. But as I said in the article, oftentimes they do this because they are deceived and do not know what they are talking about when they try to defend their religion.

      There are some disturbing implications to combining solipsism with pantheism. For Illuminists, the meaning of life is to serve the will of god. Since all forms of reality are manifestations of god, and all reality exists solely within your own subjective perceptions, it is up to the individual to decide how to serve god. Basically, it is a roundabout way of saying: do whatever you want, there is no such thing as morality. There are definitely Illuminists who have abused this system of ethics.

      This mindset is summed up perfectly in Aleister Crowley’s most famous phrase, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” For those of you who are unfamiliar with Crowley, he is the most influential Illuminist of the past century. He was also a despicable person that no one should look up to.

      2.) Everything from point 1 is a bunch of nonsense. I do not think Illuminati believe any of it, they just use it as a way of justifying their religion to society (and to those they are deceiving). In reality, Illuminism is a rigid and orthodox system of beliefs that allows no room for free thinking. Most outsiders get too confused in the fog of their deception to realize this. So when James said that Illuminism is about seeking the truth, he is wrong.

      3.) Illuminism openly encourages people to deceive others, so long as it is beneficial to the individual doing the deceiving. They call this “magickal warfare.” Note that magick is spelled with a k at the end to distinguish it from stage magic. If you do not believe me, just read some books on the occult, they encourage this behavior all the time. For example, one of the most popular Illuminist publications of the past century was Crowley’s 1912 book, “The Book of Lies.”

      So again, James is wrong when he says Illuminism is about seeking the truth.

      4.) James claims that Illuminism is compatible with all spiritual paths. This is wrong. I do not have time to do a comparative analysis of Illuminism and every major world religion, but it is definitely incompatible with Christianity. Christians believe that the only way to reach salvation is through Jesus. There is no other way. Period. Illuminists’ solipsism and pantheism blatantly contradicts Christian theology.

      Even on a secular level, Christianity and Illuminism are incompatible. Christians very strongly believe in the concept of good and evil, and that one should strive towards being good. Illuminists openly preach that one should be both good and evil (and this is according to the whitewashed version of their religion).

      5.) James does not like the term “Illuminati.” This shows how deceived he is.

      The word Illuminati is commonly used in occult literature to describe people who understand what the religion actually represents. Illuminist secret societies use this word all the time. For instance two of the most influential Illuminist secret societies were/are named “The Illuminati” and “Illuminates of Thanateros.” Crowley’s secret society, Ordro Templi Orientis, has two ranks titled “Perfect Pontiff of the Illuminati” and “Epopt of the Illuminati.”

      6.) If you’ve gotten this far and are still confused, that’s okay. Illuminists have mastered the art of deception. You are supposed to be confused. Ultimately this is an evil religion that Illuminati use both as a method of brainwashing and to justify heinous, selfish behavior.

      True, this is just my opinion. If you do not believe me, research the occult on your own. But as a forewarning, if you do not know how to read it, it will not take long for you to get lost in the fog of deception. Also bear in mind that I have barely scratched the surface for how depraved this religion is. You will probably be shocked by some of the things you will find.

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