The Happiness Project: May

Peachy Palate | PHOTO Courtesy The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
Peachy Palate | PHOTO Courtesy
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

May, a month of new beginnings, new awakenings and a lot less time doing homework. May is all about having fun, or, as the book states, being serious about play. Take some time out of your serious day at work or in the library, and have a little fun.

Find More Fun

When I read the chapter on May I never thought that I would need to really look into my life and find more fun. I mean I have a pretty good time the way it is. But, as Gretchen points out, everyone could use a little more fun. Or even better, realize and accept what they, personally, think is fun.

Don’t underrate what you enjoy. Make time or your life will become bleak. Listen to the band no one else listens to but you love, read the children’s book that is still sitting on your shelf, paint a picture with your fingers.

If what you love isn’t sophisticated and “adulty” enough for your friends then maybe your friends need to learn the same lesson. Sometimes it’s okay to be children again. If what you love is the “adult thing to do” then keep doing what you’re doing.

Take Time to be Silly

We are often pre-occupied with what has to be done that we often forget to take a step back and just breathe. We create such a serious air about our tasks that they become exactly that. Tasks. Checkmarks on a to-do list.

Take that extra step today and make your “things to do” fun. Turn it into a game. Create a goal. Reward yourself. See the joy and the goofiness in everyday tasks. It will not only lighten your mood, but the moods of those around you.

Go Off the Path

Don’t just expect the unexpected, reach for it. Make it your goal to witness or experience a few unexpected things everyday. Don’t just keep to your normal way of things. Actually use one of the cooking books you got as gifts. Walk home through a different route. Or maybe read a magazine that you wouldn’t normally pick up.

Start a Collection

Sounds kind of crazy right? After telling you to clean everything out a couple months ago? Even if you don’t start collecting things, start collecting happiness.

Collect the moments that bring joy to your life. Take pictures, write it all down or maybe even create happiness through art. Small things are great to collect if they make you happy. Like old coins, books or maybe even something larger like artwork. But even beginning to collect happiness will make you smile more and enjoy the moments you have created and kept forever.

Basically this month is devoted to finding the child inside your adult body and living the life that the ten year old you would be proud of.

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