The Halloween scares are back as the F-M Haunted Farm opens once again

‘The Big Show’ offers plenty of attractions to not miss out on

Haunted Farms Website | Photo Courtesy
The area is located just across the river in Moorhead, MN.

For those that have been waiting for the annual Halloween scares to return this fall, it’s finally time at the Fargo-Moorhead Haunted Farm. With over a dozen haunted attractions for scare-lovers, there’s plenty to offer to everyone.

Having been around for just over 30 years, The Haunted Farm has no shortage of reliability and experience with showing its customers a fun and scary time through a handful of attractions that few others in the area offer.

Whether it be clowns, zombies, dark woods or just about anything else that scares you, The Haunted Farm is most likely to make your spine tingle and hair raise multiple times throughout the night.

The lineup of advertised events changes nearly every year, so there’s something new for everyone, even if they’ve gone in recent years. This year, some of the top attractions include the Haunted House, Dark Maze, Madman Morgue and Insane Clown Room, among many others.

As always, the notorious Haunted Woods will be returning once again. Attendees are encouraged to participate in what might be the scariest part of it all, as it’s unknown what lurks around the corners of the winding trail at night.

While most would assume that this many attractions won’t come at a cheap price, general admission tickets come at a low cost of $22 per person. This ticket includes the haunted house, woods and insane clown room, as well as the vortex and dark maze.

For the die-hard scare fanatics, the $45 season pass may be something to consider. It comes with everything in the general admission package, along with unlimited tours for the season.

Whether it be rain or shine, The Haunted Farm is open to all no matter the weather. During the short, one-month season of scares, now is the time to enjoy the festivities and get in a spooky mood. Whether it be going out with a friend or a large group party, adding a little scare to the night always makes for a good time.

The Haunted Farm is open 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. every Friday and Saturday now through Halloween night.

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