The Group Fit Series

Sunrise Yoga

Welcome back fellow bison! Last semester I pursued a series that gave students insight into the Group Fit classes that are offered at the Wellness Center, and I will be continuing this series for you all this semester as well.

These Group Fit classes are held at the same time and day, every week all through the semester. If you aren’t familiar with Group Fit classes, they range from a yoga class on the water, aka Boga, to a cycling class in the studio.

Anyone can attend these classes, no need to sign up; if you feel like trying a class, you can just give it a go. I highly encourage Group Fit classes to students because A, they are free; and B, Group Fit classes offer benefits to you that you can’t receive from working out alone.

It pushes you out of your comfort zone and creates connections you never would have had the chance of making. Group Fit classes have the power to open many doors for you. While doing so, you might even unlock a new hobby!

This week’s spotlight shines its light on sunrise yoga. This class is held every Thursday morning at seven, and once it gets a little warmer outside, I swear you will literally be in a yoga pose as you watch the sunrise through the windows.

This yoga flow is constructed and led by the amazing Charli! It is a 45-minute class and is located in Studio B on the main floor of the Wellness Center.

If you’re not an early bird, the hardest part of this class will simply be making it there. Even if you’re a few minutes late, come on in, grab a mat, and get started. Once you get there, it is full relaxation from there on out.

The class follows a simple yoga flow that has options for more advanced movements or options to make some of those poses easier for you as well. Soothing music plays while you flow through new and fresh ways to move your body.

This class is structured to be slow-moving to create an emphasis on building that mind-muscle connection with your body. You’re given the opportunity to stretch muscles you didn’t know needed attention, and it’s a great way to find a steady and powerful breath for the day.

Getting your body moving and blood pumping first thing in the morning can help you perform at optimal capacity physically and mentally. You can be proud of yourself for taking the initiative to put your body first and taking care of it while doing so. 

At the end of the class, you get to close out by simply lying on your back, and finding your breath. There’s no better way to put this than how Charli your instructor will describe it: “sinking into the matt.” While you stay here for a minute or two, you can set the tone and purpose for your day.

Sunrise yoga is the perfect way to prepare your mind, body, and soul for anything your day throws at you. Think of this class as your own personal head start. Mornings are no longer just for hitting that snooze alarm. A grounding, alleviating yoga flow awaits.

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