The Grammys Best and Worst Outfits

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CeeLo or a Grammy? Who knows at this point?

On Sunday, celebrities showcased their best and weirdest outfits at the 59th Grammy Awards.

These are my first thoughts on some outfits at the Grammys. I love all these stars and their outfits, but this is for our entertainment and pure comedy.

For the celebs listed below and more, go to this link and follow along.

Jennifer Lopez

Love the color, but did your dress get stuck on the outside of the limo and dragged all over the road to the Grammys?

Katy Perry

The hair with the top adds a glow to the face. It’s great, but the bottom half of the dress looks like shag carpet.

Lady Gaga

Slay mother of monsters! The black leather and chain gives a motorcycle gang vibe. It’s OK Gaga, wearing a bra is sooo last year.

CeeLo Green

Iron Man meets King Midas meets candy bar foil wrapper. Enough said.

Andra Day

Mother nature is here! The peach dress with the color transitions compliments her skin color. The flowers on her hair break up the brown and ties the dress together.

Laverne Cox

Girl, did you not read the washing instructions on your dress? It shrunk, but smart idea to tie it with chains, very crafty.

Lea Michele

Great dress, but the expression on your face is giving me this “I paid for a semester of college already, it’s too late to drop out” look. Relatable.


I like the shade of blue, but did you not find a bra that matched the color?  The big pockets on the pants, they gotta go. At least you don’t look like Eleven from “Stranger Things” any more.

Camila Cabello

I love that prom dress. NEXT!

Joy Villa

The presidential inauguration already passed, but I love that flower on your head.

Girl Crush

Did you forget to get a dress, so you poured on glue and jumped in a ball pit at McDonalds? Cute.

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