The Girl with the Best-selling Book

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Comedian Amy Schumer finds humor in her daily life.

Amy Schumer: famous comedian turned successful author with her recent novel, “The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.” Her book was released last August to much critical acclaim. The novel follows Schumer’s life through several diverse stories, ranging from uproariously hilarious to devastatingly heart-breaking.

The book is incredibly funny, and reading it is exactly like listening to one of her standup specials or hilarious sketches on her TV show.

In her book, she discusses several stories about her comedic journey, ranging from her first ever show to filming her most recent HBO special. She also talks about her boyfriends, the only one-night stand she’s ever had and all of her juicy family drama.

Amy Schumer’s book isn’t completely original in its concept. Several comedians have released biographies, including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari and Anna Kendrick, just to name a few. Amy Schumer is another comedian releasing a funny book based in truth to entertain fans while they turn pages.

It may seem like the book market is saturated with hilarious autobiographies, but that does not stop the genre from being entertaining. All of these incredibly funny people are releasing stories about how they got so far in their professional career, or what has happened in their personal relationships.

For those who want a good laugh while reading something other than a textbook, this book is sure to please.

Some of the best quotes from the book are, “I always fantasized about losing my virginity the way I think most girls envision their weddings; being surrounded by friends and family, with a clergyman present,” and, “the two things I always decline, every single time they are offered to me, are cocaine and ham.”

Schumer’s book is also available in audio form, for anyone wanting to laugh, cry and be absolutely shocked on a long road trip through the North Dakota wasteland.

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