The freshman guide to making it through college

Some do’s and don’ts, fun events and restaurant discounts to get by

Welcome to campus, freshmen. I’m sure you are a little overwhelmed with the new college life.  You might be wondering about the do’s and don’ts of freshman life and if there is even anything fun to do in the Fargo-Moorhead area.  

I curated a list of the do’s and don’ts of being a freshman because there is a lot you should probably know, or at least consider. 

Do’s of being a freshman include attending Welcome Week activities where you will meet cool people. Take advantage of your meal plan at the dining center as well as your gym membership. 

Join a club or two and find a good group of friends that want the best for you and lift you up. Don’t settle for anything less than the friends who will be a shoulder to cry on, listen to your rants and will always be there for you.  

Also, please call your mom. She’s most definitely worried about you. Remember your roots. 

Here is my list of don’ts as a freshman.  

Freshmen, don’t spend all your high school graduation money and gift cards during your first few weeks of school. You will regret it later in the year when you have nothing left — or at least I did.  

I laugh when I drive by a group of 10 or more people walking with backpacks on a Friday night. We all know you’re going to a party, try not to make it any more obvious.  

Don’t invite tons of people to your dorm room. Everyone can hear you and you have a chance of getting written up. Unless your RA is super cool and just gives you a warning. 

Don’t go out to eat or go shopping every day. I know the food sounds good and the clothes are cute, but your bank account does not need that.  

Although these are just short lists of what to do and what not to do as a freshman, there are some ways you can ease into your college life.  

To better adjust to your new life, try getting a good night sleep every night. Start routines such as going to the gym or getting up at a certain time every day, eat healthy and literally just breathe. Every other freshman on campus is stressed and nervous like you are. Again, make sure to breathe. Try saying yes to new things and do something every day that will make you calm and happy to be alive.  

While college isn’t the easiest, you can still enjoy your experience as a freshman. There are plenty of fun activities and discounts for college students to enjoy.  

The Red River Market takes place on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

Fall in Fargo Festival is Sept. 21 and 22.  

The Haunted Farm 

NDSU Football and Volleyball games 

RedHawks games  

Local concerts  

NDSU Homecoming Oct. 7 to 12  

Pumpkin Patches  

Acres of Terror  

These are just a few activities I found on the site.

Another fun thing to enjoy about being in Fargo-Moorhead is the college discounts.  

To list a few discounts:  

Babb’s Coffee House – 15 percent off  

Sandy’s Donuts – 10 percent off  

Kroll’s Diner – Shakey Mondays two for one shake 

Cherry Berry – 3 ounces of free yogurt on Thursdays 

There are plenty more discounts at as well. Or when you go into a restaurant, coffee shop or a store, you could ask about their college discount. Just remember to bring your student ID.  

Even though the first week of school is intimidating, I promise you will make it through. Take advantage of the do or don’t list, take care of yourself and just remember we were all in your boat one time or another.  

Here’s to a great year. Make the most of it. 

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