T Swift

The End of the ‘1989’ Era

T Swift
Swift ends her “1989” album tour to prep for her next release.

October 27, 2014 — a day that will forever live on in the hearts of Taylor Swift fans as the momentous day when Taylor’s most recent album, “1989” came out and forever changed the pop game.

Over the course of the album’s awards season run, it has accumulated over 72 nominations and several wins, including three Grammy’s, two Billboard music awards, two American Music Awards and four Video Music Awards.

Swift now is taking a much-needed break from music after conquering pop for the last two years

When Taylor began her career as a country artist, she was immediately popular. Her relatable lyrics, innocently clear voice and girl-next-door feel all put her in the public spotlight. Her albums, “Taylor Swift” and “Fearless,” allowed the young artist to receive much critical acclaim.

Now, nine years after she released her first album, Swift is one of the most internationally awarded artists of all time. She has nabbed an impressive 551 nominations and 254 wins over her career.

This 26-year old songstress has more nominations and wins than Beyoncé, Adele, and Michael Jackson.

When her fifth studio album, “1989,” came out in late 2014, the album immediately smashed records and expectations, selling over one million copies in the first week. No other artist in recent history has been able to complete a feat like that.

After the album came out, it made fans fall in love with her again as she fully transitioned into the pop genre, while even garnering praise from some of Swift’s harshest critics. The singles to promote the album were all eventually accompanied by jaw-dropping music videos that enhanced the musical experience and furthered the album’s acclaim.

Swift had the brilliant South Korean director Joseph Kahn direct almost all the videos. Kahn was behind the camera giving instructions to make his vision come to life.

Taylor dropped another music video off her album, finally sealing the door on “1989” for good. The “New Romantics” video was released exclusively on Apple Music and showcased a lot of footage from Swift’s global phenomena of a tour. This video acts seems to act as Taylor Swift’s thank you to fans and farewell to music for the time being.

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