Terrible Fantasy Tips Prior to Drafts

It is that time of year again, when the smack talk increases and the message boards begin to fill up. This means of course, the beginning of a new season of fantasy football. So before your quest to crush every single person in your league, here are a few tips to keep in mind before your league’s draft.

Don’t Worry About a Poor Draft

To quote his royal highness of fantasy, ESPN’s Matthew Berry, the two things you need to remember on draft day is “A. It’s a weekly game. B. Your roster is NOT a finished piece of work when you leave the draft.” The second of those is very important. You could have a terrible draft, but still have enough pieces for trades or good positon on the waiver wire. Either way, a lineup is not carved in stone.

On Draft Day, Have A Clear Plan or Two

There is nothing in fantasy more unpredictable than the draft. To rise above the chaos by figuring out what you want to accomplish in the first couple of rounds. If that means trying to get a pair of running backs, a quarterback, and a receiver in the first four rounds, go for it. (Note: By no means make this the singular goal, this is just an example!) But, due to the unpredictability, you might need to adjust, in case a Rob Gronkowski drops into your lap by some miracle in the late second third round. That may mean a slight change, but might be a long term gain.

The Suspension Dilemma

Le’Veon Bell and Tom Brady. This pair rate at the top of their postions, but both will not be in action for the start. Bell will be suspended three games for drug use, while Brady sits for four weeks after “Deflategate”. This makes drafting these players difficult. It is safe to drafting either of these two first in their position is high risk, though for your second selection it will be safer. Waiting for the later rounds may lead to them being poached by someone else. Come the mid-rounds of the draft, it may be time to take a serious consideration.

Kickers and Defenses

Take these guys late, just a general rule. Or at least, until you look at it. Trying to predict points for defenses is pointless, but there are a few good ones. Seattle and Denver are two good ones, but towards the bottom, its too close to call. Same goes with kickers, it is all close and can even be taken week-by-week. Except Stephen Gostkowski, he may be worth a higher pick.

The Depth at Quarterback

Another topic of consideration is just how many quality quarterbacks there are this year. There are only a handful of players who can be considered bad picks. It is entirely possible that one could have Russel Wilson and Matthew Stafford on the same team. Not a bad one-two punch, as both are capable of putting up huge numbers. If you miss out on the “elite” quarterbacks in the draft, it may worth waiting off on drafting one.

Go with Your Gut

When it comes down to the scraps at the tail end of the draft, it is just as reasonable to ignore stats completely and go with your gut. Will a player like Danny Woodhead vulture off some touchdowns again this year? Is age just a number for Frank Gore? Is Sam Bradford going to choke, and Chase Daniel not going to cut it, maybe a Carson Wentz may be an option off the bench.

In the end, the draft is the biggest day in fantasy. However, it is just the start of the season, and a good base could end in a league championship. Then again, this is fantasy, and it could always end up completely crazy. With that, good luck, and may the draft be with you.

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