Study Playlist: Editor’s Choice

Few things can drive a study session more directly than the right music. Although tastes differ greatly between styles and genres in regards to academic productivity, hence the staff playlist.

Below is a two-part breakdown of how I personally approach sound choices through my interest in electronic music.

Pt. I: Extended Sets, Playlists, Albums

COSstores Souncloud playlists, particularly “Autumn Sounds 2015”

  • COS is a delicious street minimalist brand based in Sweden. Besides the smart design choices, the store has a phenomenal SoundCloud account worth exploring for study purposes or otherwise.

Magda, “She’s a Dancing Machine (Full Continuous Mix)”

  • My quintessential female DJ, who has drawn comparisons to powerhouses in minimal house techno such as Richie Hawtin and M_nus. She is based in Berlin, but has heavy affection for Detroit. This 78 minute mix can drive a non-fussy study session, while also serving as a foundation for a dance party, as evidenced in the title.

Boiler Room: Bonobo, Ellen Allien

  • Boiler Room is an online source for live DJ sets from all over the world. A camera is set up at the DJ booth, guests dance and the rest of the sorry non-participants can watch from home.

The site and YouTube channel have endless recordings, but Bonobo’s London set and Ellen Allien’s Berlin show are amongst my favorites.

Pro tip: use your internet skills to locate track lists and make Spotify playlists of your findings, it will be a forever go-to.


  • Albums are foolproof study option if the constancy of sets aren’t to your liking. There are many that fit into a study environment, but all-time favorites are Real Estate’s “Atlas,” Grouper’s “Ruins” and Aphex Twin’s “Syro.”

The approach taken toward individual track study playlists mimics my taste in long-form electronic sets and songs, in that there is underlying activity masked by a layer of consistency in the music.

Pt. II: Individual Tracks

Union, Deptford Goth
Montana, Tycho
Hanging On, Active Child
Islands, The xx
Cirrus, Bonobo
Miss You (Original Mix), Trentemøller
Can’t Do Without You, Caribou
SeeSaw, Jamie xx
Breathe This Air, Jon Hopkins
Moan (Trentemøller Dub Remix), Trentemøller
Eyes Be Closed, Washed Out
Loud Places, Jamie xx
New Theory, Washed Out
Digital Arpeggios, Percussions
Okinawa Channels, NZCA LINES
Mirror Maru, Cashmere Cat
Da Feelin, Nightmares on Wax
Weekend, Class Actress

This playlist in particular begins light, then transitions into slightly heavier electronic pieces. The final few choices are more jovial and represent the end of a study session, and hopefully successful semester.

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