spring blast

Student Senate Closes Curtain on Spring Concert

spring blast
Timeflies performed for Spring Blast 2014.

Student government will not be funding a 2015 Spring Blast concert.

At the Nov. 8 meeting of North Dakota State’s student senate, student senate officials voted against funding a spring concert for campus.

In years past, student senate has voted to contribute upwards of $75,000 of reserve funding from student fees to fund a concert.

The decision was “pretty much entirely financial,” said Mason Wenzel, assistant executive commissioner of finance.

The concert was “not having returns we expected from the past few years, most specifically not enough students and thus not enough revenue to make it a long term and sustainable project,” Wenzel added.

spring blast

The funding that would have been allocated for the spring concert is not being allocated to a different event, as student government would not have had enough money to fund an event this size without hitting its budget floor for this year.

“We truly expected to hold the event, but unfortunately we came to the conclusion that it was not financially possible this year,” Wenzel said.

However, the show will go on.

This year, the funding from student senate will be absent; however, a spring concert is still in the works.

Kalley Norr, Campus Attractions concerts coordinator, said usually “Student government cuts the check for the main artist and then we spend our money to pull off the show in general. That covers Fargodome cost and other things.”

spring blast

Norr added Campus Attractions pays back into the funding supplied by student government.

Campus Attractions has acquired funding of its own which is set aside for funding springtime events, such as a spring concert.

A concert will still be had, but it will not be held at the Fargodome as it has been in years past. The Fargodome costs about $30,000 to rent.

Norr was unable to disclose who a prospective headline artist would be for the impending concert

“We’re looking to have something on campus so that we can spend more on a fun artist,” Norr said.

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