Student Gov-date

From doughnuts to democracy, what has Student Government accomplished?

The North Dakota State Student Government’s semester is slowing down and coming to a close, but they continue to work hard. Student Government is currently working on four different agenda items and has a newly elected Student Media Board representative. These items include: funding a new computer bank in the Memorial Union, a bill to amend the Student Body Code to adopt recommendations from the Constitution and Code Review Committee, a bill to amend the Student Body Constitution to adopt recommendations from the Constitution and Code Review Committee and a bill to adopt the 2019 Student Body Election Code.

Chase Grindberg, student body president, and Marisa Pacella, student body vice president, put together the idea for funding a new computer bank in the Memorial Union. “It is common to see lines for the computer cluster near One Stop. We want to resolve this by placing a new cluster with a GoPrint station across from the Meineke boardroom,” Pacella said when asked why they want to fund another computer cluster in the Memorial Union. She said she is very excited to watch this potentially become a reality. “As always, I am excited to serve the students of North Dakota State,” Pacella said.

During the Nov. 18 meeting, Student Government elected a new Student Media Board representative. Calvin Benson, the person elected for the role, said he is ready to take on this new position and has many plans he is ready to address. “It is kind of being that oversight … Many organizations face the same issues such as restrictive budgets and not as many media personnel. I want to integrate them and help them coordinate between each other to reduce demand for the writer-ship,” Benson stated in regard to being the voice for the media organizations across campus.

Going into spring semester, Pacella expressed some of her concerns: “The College of Human Development and Education has no student senators currently to represent them. This is my primary concern going into the spring semester. As a senate, we are taking tremendous strides to increase participation from this college.” Pacella said she is working hard to reach out across campus to find someone to take this position.

As the semester comes to a close, Pacella mentioned what the students have to look forward to in the spring semester. Pacella brought up the opportunity to join Student Government and wanted to remind students that applications for will be open January 4-27. Applications will be available on the Student Government website.

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