Struggle with Distractions? Be your own Savior

A How-to from One College Student to Another

This article is going to be on distractions. Let me tell you the reason for it. I failed to submit my assignment in time in the very second week of this semester. The reason for not submitting my assignment was that I got distracted. Have you ever thought that you have enough time and later realized that you are left with only a few hours to complete something? 

If the answer is yes, please bear with me. I am good at working under pressure, I thought that I had time and wasted my time on some random things. Eventually, I could not do that. I know that some even manage to do things with their superhuman qualities at the eleventh hour. If you are not a superman or wonder woman, I write for you.

It is not that my advice is one size fits all but these are the things that I tried out to help myself. Without further ado, here are my hard-earned life lessons that help me fight distractions:

Be in the Right Environment 

As a graduate student, I have my office space where I can spend time and work on my laptop, read books, and write my assignments and papers. Last semester, it helped. I wrote my papers and assignments in my office. When you are in a space that does not give you that comfortable but more of an official vibe, I think, you tend to work better. 

Don’t spend time in your cozy bed or couch. Go to the library or Memorial Union where people read and work on their laptops. Very few people go there to waste time or gossip with their friends. I get inspired when I see that others are working hard to be successful. Don’t you feel the same?

Prioritize Things

A to-do list can be a helpful tool. Graphics Credit | Madison Pilon

That assignment had to be the first thing in the second week to be submitted on Blackboard. Instead of doing that, I spent my time on something else. That was a jerk move! Write down things on sticky notes and stick them to your laptop. Every time you look at your laptop, that sticky note will act as a reminder. Make a list of the things to get done by priority. To do that, take help using planners, apps, and calendars from your phone to stay organized. You are here to study. Do it first. The rest of the things will wait for you. 

Avoid Social Media Drama

Upload and post fewer things on social media, the lesser, the better. We resort to that fake world to get validations from others. Does seeking fake validations work? I do not think the answer should be affirmative. If you are doing great or feeling nice, enjoy that. Do not fall into the trap where you feel that you have to let others know who you are. Be mysterious. Do great and let others beat the trumpet of your greatness and success. 

Invest in the Right Relationships

I get so many emails, usually in the middle of the semester, from my students about their struggles. Some even cry in front of me when a breakup happens, leaving me feeling helpless. No amount of wise or kind words seem enough to mend my students’ broken hearts. Those students who are good and emotional at heart get hurt the most. They get so invested in their relationships that they barely think about their own good. But, at the end of the day, they return home empty-handed.

So, be aware of where you are investing your emotions, time, and patience in a relationship. Do not be in a hurry. Take time. Stay as friends, and then, if you see your friend is worthy enough to be your man or woman, go for it. Otherwise, be the birds who flock together without the vows of staying together. Because it is always better to have like-minded people around to reach the same destination. If you like someone, be there for that person through thick and thin. Help that special someone achieve his/her goals. People show their true colors when your role in achieving their dreams comes to an end. Wait to see if that’s what happens to you or not. It is always wise to protect yourself emotionally.

Change Yourself for the Better

I have a tendency to procrastinate. As a result, I usually lag behind. Luckily, I am good at making things up. So, I know my strengths and my weaknesses too. Find out what habit that is pushing you away from your desired grade or destination. Work on it religiously. Make your weaknesses your strengths. 

Before concluding, I must say that, if you read my whole article, you care about your success and future. I have also learned to care about my and others’ futures too. My identity as an international student, most probably, has helped me to achieve that empathy for others. Believe me, I have no one here to push me or tell me to work hard. I have myself. Sometimes you will only have yourself to rely on, so be someone for yourself that you can trust. 

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