Stop forcing the Covid-19 vaccine

Forcing the vaccine is causing more harm than good with firefighters taking sick leave, others quitting

Agência Brasília, Wikimedia Commons | Photo Courtesy
Covid-19 vaccines might be beneficial, but the workforce is struggling with a vaccine mandate. 

According to NBC, approximately 2,000 firefighters have taken a medical leave for this past week due to vaccine sanctions. Some firefighters are completely against the vaccine and would rather lose their job than get the vaccine. Is this okay? 

I think everyone has the right to choose whether or not they want to get vaccinated for Covid-19. I do not think it is okay for businesses to push and threaten the vaccine on employees if they do not feel comfortable getting it. Whether it is a firefighter, a nurse or a teacher, employees should be encouraged and informed about the vaccine — but not forced. 

The deputy commissioner of the New York City fire department said that the number of firefighters on sick leave is very unusual. The NYC fire department usually has 11,000 employees but obviously that number is a lot lower when nearly 2,000 take sick leave. 

This is America. Why are we ‘forcing’ people to get vaccines? I understand that the Covid-19 vaccine is very beneficial, even though we don’t know the long-term effects. Some people just might not feel comfortable getting a vaccine where they don’t know the long-term effects. These firefighters and first responders that are fighting the vaccine mandate should not be fired. 

According to the NYC Fire Commissioner, Daniel A. Nigro suggested that those who took part in the sick leave are neglecting their oath. Starting Monday, those who do not meet the vaccination requirement will be threatened with unpaid leave. How crazy. 

“This is America. Why are we ‘forcing’ people to get vaccines?”

I understand that these are firefighters and first responders are around sick and hurt people all the time. But I believe they should be able to make their own decision on whether or not to get the Covid-19 vaccine. I think there is a better way to inform these first responders and firefighters about the Covid-19 vaccine, rather than threatening them with unpaid leave. 

Maybe those who have gotten vaccinated should get a bonus, while those who are not vaccinated will need to sit down at a class and learn about the benefits of Covid-19 vaccines. This is just one idea, I’m sure there are better ideas out there to inform those who are unvaccinated about the Covid-19 vaccine.

I think statistics about paramedics’, first responders’ and firefighters’ likelihood of surviving Covid-19 while being vaccinated may be beneficial. I would like to think that these paramedics, first responders and firefighters would find stories about those who survived Covid-19 while on their job, whether they got Covid-19 from their job or not, would be beneficial to them. 

It is not okay to threaten people to get the vaccine. There are so many jobs that are already open, by forcing employees to get the vaccine — there will be even more open jobs. If the government, city officials or bosses are thinking about forcing the Covid-19 vaccine, they need to stop. 

These government, city officials and bosses need to give their employees some respect. If they don’t want to get the vaccine, great. If they do want to get the vaccine, great. Forcing someone to do something is not American and it needs to stop. 

For those firefighters, first responders and paramedics who are unvaccinated and are helping someone who has a serious health issue — there may be an issue. To solve this issue, I would have them take Covid-19 tests at least once a week, make sure they are always wearing a mask and are tracking their health on a day-to-day basis. By doing this, those who are immune-compromised will still feel safe. 

While there are many, many Americans who are already vaccinated for Covid-19, there are still those who are unsure or are completely against it. Employers should be educating their employees, and providing respect and support while our world is frantic about the Covid-19 vaccine. 

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