Stay healthy and “attend class”

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Zoom provides a place for students and teachers to interact online.

The pros and cons of attending class in-person and online

There are many days when I debate whether or not I should go to class in-person or sit in my dorm room and watch my lecture. The weather has been very cold lately and it has got me thinking, what are the pros and cons of completing class on Zoom versus attending in-person?

Some positives of completing class on Zoom include getting to sleep in later, eating or drinking while being on the Zoom call, as well as going to the bathroom. There is less interruption of your classmates being loud in class; however, if your roommate is in the room… that might be a totally different story. 

Students can also go back and watch the lectures again as well as watching your class on the go. But are you really paying attention during that Zoom class?

Many days when I participate through Zoom, it is hard to pay attention. I am less likely to reach out to my professor, introduce myself or make friends in my class, not to mention technology issues.

If you decide to go to class, I made a list of positives and negatives as well. You are more awake and likely to pay attention in the class, there are also fewer distractions in the classroom than there are on Zoom. You have the chance to talk to your professor in person and meet some of your classmates.

While going to class is nice, the only negative I could think of about going to class is the North Dakotan weather. By the time I get to class every day, I am freezing. If the class is for your major, I would try going sometimes in-person, that way you can understand the class better. If I’m being honest, there are still some days when I just go to class on Zoom, the reason is most likely because it’s a tundra outside.

If you are participating in class on Zoom, try to place your phone somewhere you are less likely to reach for it during class. Eat before or after class, as well as going to the bathroom. Make sure your roommates know that you have class, that way they are not distracting you during your lecture.

If you are an overachieving student and decide to go to class in-person, make sure you dress warm, such as wearing a hat, a pair of gloves, your warmest shoes, boots and a long coat. When you are walking to class, keep your mask on, it definitely comes in use when you are trying to keep your face warm. Wear thick socks, I don’t know about you, but I HATE having frozen feet. 

Another way to prevent yourself from getting cold is a hot coffee or a hot chocolate. Although you might be cold, your body will warm right up to the drink as well.

No matter where or how you are “attending” class, stay healthy. Wash your hands, use the provided hand sanitizer before going into the class, eat healthily and exercise, don’t skip doctor visits (get your flu shot), stay home when you are sick, drink lots of water and get lots of sleep. Your body needs the rest.

I wish you all the best with the Spring semester. I hope it is filled with many in-person or online classes, as well as many healthy days. Stay healthy. “Attend class.”

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