State of North Dakota hopes to increase employment

Recent state reopenings lead to worker shortage nationwide

Students looking for part-time jobs don’t have to look far, and the work force is looking for workers too. In light of the recent lockdowns nationwide and the current reopenings, companies and businesses nationwide are in search of new hires.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings have increased to 10.1 million as of the last business day in June.

With financial aid during the lockdowns being provided, the workforce saw a decrease in workers willing to risk their health in order to work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate has now declined to 5.2% with many states reopening.

N.D.’s government has been working to increase employment within the state by stopping several aid options as of June 19. The Governor believes that businesses wages are unable to compete with the federal and state unemployment initiatives created during the pandemic lockdowns.

“These federal unemployment programs were meant to supplement state benefits and provide short-term relief for displaced and vulnerable workers, and these programs have accomplished their goals but are now counterproductive,” said Doug Burgam, N.D. Governor. “Safe, effective vaccines have been available to every adult in North Dakota for months now, and we have an abundance of job openings with employers who are eager to hire.”

North Dakota State University has felt some of the effects of recent decline in workforce employment.

“We have seen some reduction in the number of applicants we have posted for some of our full- and part-time positions, but at the current moment we are still filling positions at the University,” said Mark Genkinger, Director of Human Resources. “The dining area for example mentioned that while they have seen lower applicant volumes, the quality of those applying are significantly higher than in the past.”

Campus services are currently looking to fill many different student employee positions due to staff shortages.

“Some areas have had issues filling some of their student employee positions, especially this summer at the Wellness Center, but they are seeing more improvement in this area since school has resumed and students are back on campus,” Genkinger said.

Although the current openings are not dire, certain areas on campus have had to adapt to the employee shortages.

“We will continue to look for and explore all viable options to reach applicants for our open positions,” said Genkinger. “In some situations like dining or food services they have had to reduce, say for example some of those services provided or have reduced hours of operation.”

Many campus jobs offer flexible schedules and an easy commute to classes along with many other benefits.

“It is a great place for those just starting their careers to those that are experienced,” said Genkinger. “NDSU is the second largest employer in the community that offers numerous opportunities in many career fields that support higher education. We offer competitive wages along with an excellent benefits package including 100% paid health premiums and tuition assistance for both employees and family members.”

Students can apply for openings via Handshake at and faculty, staff, administrative and part-time positions can be found at

The recent nationwide reopenings have created an abundance of employment opportunities. N.D. and NDSU are currently experiencing this worker shortage, and as the state begins to shift out of lockdown and safety measures, the need for workers is set to increase.

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