Spreading the Christmas Joy

After a long, generic compilation of Beatles music concludes, the store is filled with a jovial fade-in of Christmas bells, signifying the start of a new album, a holiday one at that.

Two adolescents near me smile and nod their heads to the beat while their parents in close proximity give a deep sigh and a disappointing shake of their heads.

Later that day I stopped to watch my bank put up their Christmas tree, an event that an observer could easily tell from the looks on the workers’ faces was more of a policy obligation rather than a holiday-spirited prompting.

And here I am, pintresting DIY holiday décor and listening to “She and Him Christmas” on repeat. The countdown has begun, people. Bring on the snow and eggnog.

As far as I can tell, there are two people in this world: Grinches and Buddies.

Grinches deny anything Christmas or winter-related but eventually come around after they find the holiday spirit. Don’t be discouraged, it may take some time. I’ve been working the spirit into my Grinch step-dad for over a decade now.

In reference to Will Ferrell’s character “Buddy” from the popularized movie “Elf,” Buddies accept and internalize all things Christmas and are happier people because of it.

They may seem naïve and unintelligent at first, but it is quite the contrary; they’ve actually found the meaning to life — happiness in the little things.

And I get it Grinches, it’s too soon for you still.

Usually outwards anticipation for Christmas (décor, music, etc.) is held off until after Thanksgiving, a common rule of thumb for most of us.

But really that’s not going to stop the corporate entities’ onsets and competitive presentation with their decoration and holiday advertisements.

So parents and bank tree putter uppers: buck up. Life’s too short to dread the unchangeable portions of the future.

Anyone who strongly supports the Buddy movement like myself or goes against these beliefs should send a letter to the editor to the email editor@ndsuspectrum.com.

But I must warn you Grinches, Santa is surely on my side.

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