Sports Writers Needed!

If I’ve learned anything while in college, it’s knowing the potential of extra-curricular opportunities. Gaining experience outside of the classroom goes a long way for later career success. Writing is one such skill that almost all careers demand. The NDSU Spectrum has openings for sports writers of all abilities!

Spectrum sports writers primarily cover NDSU sports, but there is flexibility to cover anything sports related that readers may find interesting.

The position is beneficial for more than future sports journalists. Writing may not be the most attractive way to spend one’s free time, but what better way to develop such an essential skill than writing about something as interesting as sports.

The Spectrum prides itself as being a student-run organization aimed at helping students. For some, writing may seem overwhelming, but like any skill, it only gets better with practice. Writing here about a familiar and interesting topic is a great way to improve.

Writing for the Spectrum is a flexible position. There are no set office hours.

Staff writers for sports are expected to complete one article per week. The pay can be found online at our website, For more information, reach out to

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