Split-screen and customization for ‘Halo: Infinite’

343 Industries seek to redeem themselves after disappointment of ‘Halo 5’

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More customization options result in more engaging gameplay.

After “Halo 5: Guardians” fell through the metaphoric floor, 343 Industries listened intently to fan ideas on what they would want in a “Halo” game. The good news is they will be delivering on some of those ideas.

There is a lot riding on this next “Halo” due to “Halo 5: Guardians” missing the mark in terms of story and gameplay as far as the campaign is concerned. The multiplayer was its only saving grace.

Set to release during the winter holidays of 2020, “Halo: Infinite,” is the sixth “Halo” game focused on John-117, the legendary Master Chief. “Halo: Infinite” will be 343 Industries’ latest installment to the franchise, and it has been confirmed that a couple of classic-Halo features will be making their way into the game.

Four-player split-screen

One major component that was missing from “Halo 5: Guardians,” was the four-player split-screen. This will be remedied in “Halo: Infinite.”

“Halo 6 will see the return of split-screen multiplayer,” says studio head Bonnie Ross, “All future Halo titles developed by 343 industries will feature split-screen after being absent from ‘Halo 5: Guardians’.” This is good news for fans who enjoy playing “Halo” in the same room as their friends.

‘Halo: Reach’ customization

Outside of being able to change your character color and, in some “Halos,” being able to change species, “Halo” never had too much in the way of customization options. Then “Halo: Reach” was released and with it came a slew of customization options for armor, insignias, species and the color they could be. This gave a player’s avatar uniqueness and made the gameplay more personal.

Since “Halo” has had customization options outside of just color, it has made the gameplay more engaging because players can see themselves in the armor they are wearing. However, none have been given similar customization options and scope since “Halo: Reach.”

‘Halo: Infinite’ will be bringing back ‘Halo: Reach’ customization options so that players can express themselves on the battlefield how they want. If they want to be a bright, pink elite delivering death with a plasma rifle they can do so. If players want to be a sleek, black spartan assassinating opponents they can do that too.


Split-screen and the ability to customize have become staples to the “Halo” community over the years. It is a good thing to see 343 Industries listening to their fans and delivering what they want.

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