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Soothing Study Tunes to Give Your Brain a Boost

Everyone has their own taste in music, and this often extends into study tunes, as well.

When I was a sophomore, I swore Pandora’s Tango channel helped me do better on exams when I listened to it while studying. Although that phase wore off, it helped me recognize what makes the perfect study playlist.

First, it should be music you enjoy, obviously. Second, it should energize you in some way, as opposed to distracting you. Third, it should have few (if any) words to stop you from singing along. Here are my top three stress-free study playlists below, each with its own theme.

Background Beats

This is my go-to playlist for study time because it’s got a variety of sounds (soft happy rock, sulky piano, kaleidoscopic indie) and is a whopping 18 hours long. For best results, hit shuffle and turn the volume up just enough to block distractions out.

Movie Scores

For a bit of nostalgia, this playlist includes lyric-free scores from all sorts of classic films, from “Up!” to “Gone with the Wind” to “Harry Potter”. It clocks in at 21 hours and is sure to have you laughing, crying and reliving your favorite movie moments while still getting enough done to be “productive.”

Calming Piano

OK, so this one doesn’t have a particularly original name, but what it lacks in finesse it makes up for in honesty. These piano-centric albums are all nice and calming, with a fresh mix of classical and modern compositions. Clocking in at 18 hours, it will give you all the time you need to finish your assignments, all while relieving your worries in a way that only great music can.

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