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Spec Picks: Best Studying Songs for Finals Playlist

The junk food spread is set strategically among the laptop and notes. The baggy sweatpants are only on because society and the library has too strict of dress codes. And the headphones are plugged in.

Below, eight Spectrum staff members share their favorite song or compilation of songs they listen to when writing essays and studying for finals.

Meghan Pegel, Opinion Editor. “Intro” by The xx. I admire the people who can concentrate with loud noises and roaring voices in the background. As for me, and my tendency to be distracted at a drop of a hat, I will stick to this indie genre with mellow instruments and minimum vocals. There’s a four-hour edit of this song you can find on YouTube. Look it up! It will change your life.

Jack Dura, Head News Editor. The main title song from “The Notebook” soundtrack composed by Aaron Zigman. This instrumental is mainly soft sounds from a piano, but it’s peaceful and placid, conducive for studying alone at anytime of day.

Kelsey Dirks, Features Editor. “Go Do” by Jónsi. Any songs by Jónsi are good for studying because they are mostly in Icelandic. I like songs with no lyrics or foreign lyrics when I study because then I am not tempted to sing along. If you like Jónsi’s songs, check out Sigur Rós. The lead singers are the same. I imagine Jónsi’s falsetto singing welcoming me at the gates of heaven, and if I perish whilst studying this week, at least it will be to beautiful music.

Benjamin Norman, Head Copy Editor. “Interstellar” soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer. These songs will keep you going through the wee hours of dead/finals week. Instrumental and thematic in its nature, Zimmer’s soundtrack will keep your mind sharp and heart beating. Listen through the entire album in order to experience the most awesome of adventures. Favorite track: “Detach.”

Casey McCarty, Co-News Editor. “I Don’t Care” by Fall Out Boy. This song is my favorite song to study to because for people like myself who are both procrastinators and antsy people, it is a good song to get hyped to and to dance in your seat while also focusing your brain on a certain topic to study on. Also, the message of the song is a good one, because the best of us can find happiness in (the) misery (of studying).

Madison Hilber, Co-Copy Editor. “Elsie” by Nickel Creek. It is an instrumental, so it does not have any lyrics to distract you from what you are studying. Plus, if you decide that you like it, you can keep it at a low volume in the background and let it run on repeat while you study for all of your exams.

Linda Norland, Web & Managing Editor. “Test Drive” by John Powell. When I study, I need my music to be both epic and wordless. All the feels, but none of the singing because it is hard to concentrate on reading while belting out lyrics. One of my friends and I have a long-running joke about listening to the “How to Train Your Dragon” soundtrack while cramming, but it actually works really well. I’m a sucker for soundtracks and excellent composing, plus the whole album is like an hour long.

Pace “The Grinch” Maier, Sports Editor. Honestly, I don’t listen to music when I study. I get distracted when jamming out and studying because I end up tapping the pencil against the desk or bouncing my feet up and down to the beat. I love music; I just don’t like it listening to it when I’m trying to bring my grades up.

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