Social Media Made Better With Dogs

Follow these dedicated dog Instragrams to de-stress


There is one thing that will always be amazing and worth your time: Instagram accounts dedicated to dogs. No matter how stressed you are about school, you can always detox by opening up social media and seeing a dog among your feed.

More likely than not, there is at least one Instagram account dedicated to each breed. So, if you have a favorite breed, look it up and you will most likely find multiple that you can follow. If you are more into just seeing any type of dog, there are multiple for you as well.

To brighten up your day or group chat, here are a couple of Instagram accounts that are well known and show off the cuteness of their dog or multiple.


This blog consists of photos of puppies, which is “a project by @ZilkerBark.” Zilker Bark is a photography business specifically for dogs in Austin, Texas, so the photos on the Instagram are professionally done. They start off each post with a photo of a puppy and then continue it with text to show what that dog is thinking or wants to tell you. These posts will warm your heart when the weather cannot.


This social media account allows others to submit photos of their dog to get posted to their now 836,000 followers. It allows for others to find more dog related Instagrams and show off the cuteness of all the different pets in the world. Submit to



For a more specific Instagram, Ziggy is a mini golden retriever who has one blue eye and one brown, which gives him a unique twist to his normal golden retriever look. His constant smile and sleepy photos will have you smiling from class to class.


There are many blogs that are specific to breeds, and this is one of them. If you are interested in watching dogs go from small puppy to huge and fluffy, this is the breed, and Instagram, for you.


Nala, a chocolate Labrador retriever, shows the 2-year-old dog in the wilderness. You can watch the seasons change from the dog going from the flower field, to the lake, to a pile of leaves and now in the snow-covered mountains, all while seeing the beauty of not only the dog, but also the Swiss Alps.


These posts alternate between videos and photos. They show the joys of having a husky, from the silly howling to the deepness of their blue-eyed stare. These posts are mostly reposted from others, but they give credit for each post, so you are able to find your favorite husky and follow their Instagram instead.


Not only do they post close ups of dogs, they also have a website consisting of the same. The photos are close enough that you can feel yourself wanting to boop the dogs’ noses. They also post four times a day, so you will be able to see it constantly throughout the day.


No, they are not actually dying. Instead, they are funny photos and videos that show the adorableness and goofiness of dogs.


Remember that viral video of a dog getting caught on camera growling and then weirdly hissing at his owner? Well, he has an Instagram. There you can watch multiple videos that show his famous hissing sounds. He is not only adorable, but hilarious to watch with how dramatic it is portrayed.


The posts range from breeds and show off other posts. The posts range from all around the world, and the photos look generally professionally done. They have many hashtags, including #tongueouttuesday that shows off the happy smiles or the “derp” look dogs get when their tongues are sticking out.


OFSDS stands for “Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary,” which is a nonprofit that provides a home for older dogs in Tennessee. While most Instagram accounts show off puppies instead of older dogs, this accounts gives them some spotlight and shows that all dogs are puppies, no matter their age.


Most know of this famous pug to the point where he even has merch, which can be purchased at Claire’s. His posts have costumes, props and themes according to the time of year. Get with the trend and follow his Instagram.

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