Short and Sweet: A Tribute to the Past

Yes, I took the title from Super Bowl 50’s halftime show. My friends noticed Beyonce was wearing almost an exact replica of Michael Jackson’s outfit and were mocking the “everyone love everyone” theme.

Sitting next to me on the couch, my friend mumbled, “It’s about more than just the Super Bowl, guys.”

That got me to thinking.

There’s lots in our lives that I, as a student-athlete, and my fellow athletes, students, Fargo citizens and United States citizens take for granted.

First, we take for granted that at least twice a week we have world-class athletes competing within fifteen minutes from North Dakota State’s campus. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the routine of school, homework, basketball game, sleep and repeat, but we need to remember the great athletic department that recruits players like A.J. Jacobson, the newly crowned Summit League Men’s Basketball Player of the Week.

Second, this one is for me personally, but I take for granted the safety we have on and around campus. I cannot count the amount of times I come home to the doors unlocked or how many empty cars are running when customers run in to grab groceries at the Hornbacher’s north of campus. Though we should remain smart, let’s appreciate that we don’t have to worry about our computer being stolen from the library when we walk to Jimmy Johns for a study break.

Last, as a student-athlete, I must give a tribute to those who came before me. We all remember Brock Jensen, but can any of us name any player on the 9-1, 6-0 in conference team from 1967, the year NDSU started to take football stats?

I give credit to Hayden Zillmer, but only a special few remember the 1988 National Championship team lead by Bucky Maughan. The scholarships that help support the current athletes are all thanks to past Bison greats.

I actually liked the halftime show, and for once I bet my parents did, too.

To move forward as a person you need to acknowledge where you’ve been, and the same goes for this university and the athletic department.

I urge all who claim they are Bison fans to dig through the Hall of Fame and pay tribute to the past.

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