Short and Sweet: Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl 50 is three days away and most students will more than likely be watching instead of studying for our first round of exams.

For some of my female readers (and my guys who don’t care, either), you’ll be forced to watch the entire broadcast with your significant others and their buddies. This week, my column is for you.

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts with helpful advice for your benefit when the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers.

Do: Choose a team. Even if you could care less who wins, it will make watching the game more fun and personal, and it will also give you a side to take in this Americanized holiday. Plus, making bets against your boo-thang is always fun: loser buys dinner.

Don’t: Defend your choice of team because you like their jersey colors. The broncos are blue and orange, and the Panthers are light blue and white. So saying blue is your favorite color isn’t a good enough reason to cheer for either team (because both teams are blue). Instead, pick a favorite because Cam Newton has a newborn son, or because Peyton Manning is about 100 years old.

Do: Learn your key players. Know Peyton Manning is the quarterback for the Broncos and Cam Newton is the quarterback for the Panthers. Know their tendencies, like that Newton is known for his athleticism out of the pocket and Manning is known for his throwing accuracy.

Don’t: Pretend you know things when you don’t. It’s the most annoying thing when people think they’re always right, and don’t be that person who doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. Get online and read some articles about the Super Bowl and learn your stuff.

Do: Find someone you trust at the party to ask your questions to. There’s a chance there will be someone that doesn’t mind explaining it to you, plus boys like to teach girls things. If you don’t trust anyone to not make fun of you, then rotate who you ask questions to; it’s a trusty trick of mine.

Don’t: Be scared to have fun. You are smarter than you think. I think that Super Bowl 50 is going to be a close game. The Panthers statistically are favored, but the Broncos were basically skunked a couple years ago in Super Bowl XLVIII, so the team is looking for revenge. Plus, Beyonce is performing at halftime — and although the boys won’t admit it, they’re looking forward to that, too.

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