Short and Sweet | Springtime Sweating

Sunday was the first day of spring, and although it’s too early to put away our long jackets and gloves for good, it is time to start getting some Vitamin D while working out.

I am a fan of using Pinterest for many of my workouts, but if you run out of data (like me) every month or are looking for some new advice, I’m your girl.

Here’s a list of the top three outside workouts you could do in Fargo:

  1. The Campus Run. This is a great workout for those who hate to run but know how important cardio is. I start at the black gates, on the southeastern side of campus, on the corner of 12th Avenue North and University. Then I run west until 18th Street, and go north until 19th Avenue, up by the Fargodome. From there I turn east and run to University, and head south for the home stretch back to the gates on 12th. All in all it’s a little over three miles.

Disclaimer: On breezy days, you’ll be stuck with at least one leg into the wind. But that also means you’ll be with the wind on another leg.

  1. Pickup games in the fields behind T-Lofts. There’s always something going on at the soccer fields south of the T-Lofts and the Jimmy John’s apartments. My roommates play pickup soccer once a week, and I’ve seen Frisbee and football going on too. Don’t be afraid to ask to join. I can almost guarantee someone on the field is Minnesota Nice.

Disclaimer: Other than club teams, many of the pick up players are experienced, so bring your A-game.

  1. The 12th Avenue Bridge. This is a toughie, and I only would tackle this if you’re an experienced runner. Running up and down hills isn’t great for your joints, especially on hard and cold concrete. Running back and fourth two or three times is a great idea. It’s also smart to mix in the bridge with the Campus Run to keep your body guessing.

Disclaimer: Running hills is a great way to burn calories but it won’t make your thighs smaller, because you’re building lots of muscle. Keep in mind what parts of your body are being exercised and build a workout to fit your goals.

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