Senior resigned

Oh Lord, it’s finally Senior Design time

It may look like she’s not having fun in this photo, but don’t worry you’re right.

The craziest thing about college is that people tell you for years that something is going to happen, and then it actually happens. We as people don’t process the future all that well. It’s like global warming or another round of shots. People keep warning you, but you’re too far in not to destroy your life.

Now, a little part of me always went, “Senior Design? That’s not gonna be my problem.” Well, by golly guys, here I am sitting in the Civil Engineering lab wasting away. Who’d of thought three years of seniors going, “Good luck, chump,” weren’t just insulting me. They were, in fact, warning and insulting me.

You just don’t realize it’s going to be bad when it’s perpetual something in the future. Now that I’ve reached the end of my college career and the real world approaches, it feels like I’m in a surrealist painting. Time and life begin to lose form. The world caves in just a little bit. There’s screaming. Sometimes it’s me; sometimes it’s someone else in the CE lab. If this is a surrealist painting, it would be the “The Scream.” I’d rather it was a painting by the Vinny Van. I could lop off an ear and not have to hear about Senior Design.

That being said, everyone does it. If you’ve made it through three and a half years of college, you can make it through Senior Design all right. Hey, it’s a chance to show off your design chops to boot. You’ve been at it long enough, why not show off however much you’ve picked up?

I’d rather it was a painting by the Vinny Van. I could lop off an ear and not have to hear about Senior Design.

“Because I haven’t learned anything in three and a half years of college.” I can feel beads of sweat forming on a couple of you, and I have to say … gross. If it’s any consolation, you’re 100 percent wrong. Or like, 60 percent wrong, but that isn’t the point. The point is, you’ve picked up something. If you really think about someone off the street trying to do your project, you’ll probably realize that.

At this point, I’d like to say a special hello to my Senior Design group. Those first couple paragraphs probably made you pretty nervous about me. I hope you made it to the end and realized I’m not just crying into my binder. At least not at the moment. Thanks guys, and thanks to all you senior Civ E’s who actually read The Spectrum for sticking this one out with me!

And to all of you underclassmen: good luck, chumps.

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