What not to do on Valentine’s Day

So, you may have read the title and asked, “What is this single person doing trying to give us all dating advice?” Hear me out. I may not go on a great variety of dates, but I have been on some. Plus, my birthday is three days after Valentine’s Day. The season of love is in my blood!

The golden rule of V-Day

I want to get this first one out of the way. Don’t break up with your partner on Valentine’s Day. There is no reason to pick this day. Maybe Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday, and they’re trying to make money off of cheap chocolates and overpriced stuffed animals.

Nevertheless, it’s a Hallmark holiday celebrating love and companionship. A poll conducted by YouGovAmerica found that about 1 in 14 Americans has done this to someone. It’s a little bit cruel, but unfortunately, an all-too-usual breakup strategy. 

Movies, concerts and shows, oh my!

As far as dates go, many online articles discuss the worst date ideas and will condemn obscure things like poetry readings within their first few sentences. I don’t know about y’all, but I haven’t been taken to any poetry readings. Ever. No one I know has even been to one of those, let alone have a date there. 

But, it’s not just poetry readings you should avoid. I don’t think a show of any kind is the best way to spend a special evening. This includes movies, comedy shows or even concerts.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the aforementioned activities. However, I can’t talk to you at a movie. It’s frowned upon to heckle the comedian together, too. Finally, I’d be surprised if we could even learn one thing about each other through the speakers and cheers at a concert. 

Wine and dine   

If a nice dinner is what you and your partner enjoy doing together, then I say go for it! Personally, I am a huge fan of going out to eat with people. There’s just a few things that I would be cautious about if I were you.

Location is not the most important thing to consider, in my opinion. However, it should not be thrown on the back burner, either. 

Please avoid bars and fast-food restaurants, unless it is something you and your partner are just really dying to go do together. Personally, I only eat at these places when my friends want to because I don’t enjoy the food at all. However, I’m also the weirdo who doesn’t like McDonald’s french fries, so feel free to take that as you will.

A specific caution with bars is your consumption of alcohol. If you’re of drinking age, I don’t want to discourage you from buying a bottle of wine or a few drinks for you and your partner. Just be aware of the amount that you are drinking.

It would be more than unfortunate to make your partner your designated driver because your vision is spinning. Plus, being too intoxicated takes away your presence from the night. You’re there to spend time with your significant other, not to spend time under the influence.

If you go out, it shouldn’t break the bank, either. Your significant other doesn’t need you to be and take them somewhere with $80 mashed potatoes. Even if they are really  good mashed potatoes. 

Staying in

If you decide to stay in, all the power to you. You can still very much do something special at home. I would just avoid the idea of staying in and doing absolutely nothing together. That may bum your partner out.

I don’t know about y’all, but a home-cooked meal is the way to my heart, especially if it involves sweet potatoes or anything with garlic. That said, if your partner is also this way, it’s probably worth a try.

Cooking could even be a romantic activity that you undertake together. Helping each other toast garlic bread provides a great opportunity to get creative together and have a conversation.

Maybe hold off if you can’t cook, though. I’m sure Doordash would bring you and your partner the good Olive Garden bread. 

Okay, but it’s our first date…

Maybe you’ve gotten this far, and you’re thinking, “Well, this is great and all, but we don’t know each other very well, and I kind of have no idea what to do together.”

First of all, I stand by my no show suggestion. Especially if it is your first date, because this is the time where you really should be talking to one another. In this case, I would also stay away from staying in. The first date may be a little soon to have someone over and be cooking for them. 

“Then, Miss Single Person, what on earth are we supposed to do?”

Remember, a not-too-fancy and not-too-cheap dinner is always a safe bet. Also, depending on both of your interests, there are tons of interesting adventures to be had in the Fargo area where you can also talk about the meaning of life and all!

Everything is sure to still be frozen by Feb. 14, so you could always go ice-skating. There are several art museums, like Plains and Rourke, where you can either observe art or take part in one of their classes. If you still want to cook, consider taking a class together at Square One Kitchens on 1st Avenue. 

Several of the local bars and restaurants host trivia nights if you even wish to impress your date with all of your useless knowledge.

Closing thoughts

What I’m trying to get at with all of this is that I would want to spend this holiday actually being with my partner. I’m guessing that your partner probably wants the same thing. On a holiday meant to celebrate your love and companionship with another person, I think it’s important to do something that’ll foster those feelings. 

That being said, communication is key. I don’t think absolutely everything needs to be a surprise. Talk it out with your partner, and figure something out that you will both enjoy doing together.

This day is for you both; make it special in your own way. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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