Rock Out with Miracle of Sound

GAVIN DUNNE | Photo Courtesy
While Dunne usually sticks to heavy metal and epic rock genre, he is known to branch out in his work.

Being able to tell a story through music is an incredible thing to do. Many people do it, but only a few do it well consistently.

Meet Gavin Dunne, the owner, operator, songwriter and musician for the rocking musical YouTube channel miracleofsound. There are many creators on YouTube that combine songs written by other people to a wide variety of different media. Since I am what some may call a Star Wars nerd, one example is “Star Wars War Pigs.” It’s intense and a well put together piece of media, if you ask me.

Dunne from miracleofsound does a similar thing, only he creates his own epic music to accompany video game clips. He has a wide variety from the “God of War” video game series to the video game “Bayonetta” and even the hit HBO television show “Game of Thrones.” While Dunne’s theme for his channel is epic rock rhythms that go with the chosen game titles, there are definitely a few that could be considered country, gospel, good vibes or soothing ambiance. Examples of these are his “Far Cry 5,” “Dragon Age Inquisition” and “Dark Souls” songs.

Now, I have so far said that this channel only includes one person that makes all the content. Dunne does create many of his songs by himself. However, every now and then he will have someone else come on board to help with a certain vocal or instrumental part.

I have been subscribed to Dunne’s channel for about two years now. Every time I see a notification from YouTube for a new upload from miracleofsound I am excited to check it out. Sometimes the songs don’t resonate with me like others, but it is cool to be able to appreciate what he does. I feel like many of his subscribers feel the same way. I think this is because of two reasons.

Reason one is he uploads about once or twice a month. Unlike other YouTubers who are constantly pushing out content daily, this is a huge difference. It keeps me and the other subscribers on our toes waiting. Plus, we are not saturated with content and become bored. Another reason we are so tuned in is because each song is different and one of a kind. We do not know what game it will be about or what the rhythm and tone of the song will sound like. Very mysterious.

Like I said before, Dunne’s songs tell a story, and they take you through a journey that even the game the song is based on cannot give. With well-timed edits where he matches game clips with beats, his songs create a stimulating audio-visual atmosphere.

If you are interested in supporting Dunne, you can visit Miracle of Sound: Music and listen to all of his tracks. If you like, each song costs $1 and you can support this amazing artist as he continues to create masterpieces.

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