Review: Powfu releases the next chapter of his ‘some boring love stories’ saga

The singer saw a rapid rise to fame through a viral TikTok song

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The fifth installment showcases the artist’s growth in style and production

If the name Powfu doesn’t ring a bell, it’s sure to within the coming months. Most known for his viral TikTok hit, “death bed (coffee for your head)”, the rising artist has slowly released music over the years through small EPs. While his previous ‘some boring love stories’ installments have been slowly rolled out since 2018, his fifth volume may be his best.

For eight songs, Powfu expands his musical range both lyrically and sonically. In a press statement released before the album, Powfu stated “This is my favorite EP that I’ve released to date. The song ‘the fire in your eyes keeps me warm’ is also my favorite song I’ve written so far. This project as a whole is very special to me and I’m very proud of it. I think the production is a big step up, and I believe my fans will love it just as much as I do.”

‘some boring love stories pt. 5’ is a worthy addition to his romantic, lo-fi Eps as he delves into new forms of production with new stories to entertain. On tracks such as “17again”, Powfu delivers one of his most slowed down and smooth songs to date as he explores the punk genre.

On others, such as “the fire in your eyes keeps me warm” and “throw it all away”, he sticks close to his signature piano and lo-fi blend that his fanbase has come to know and love. Despite the project being a mere eight songs over 21 minutes, it’s sure to hold fans over until his highly anticipated debut album.

What are sure to be some of the standout tracks from the project are “when the hospital was my home” and “clash of the titans” as they have a similar catchiness to his viral hit. While these are likely to receive plenty of love from his devoted fans, there’s most certainly something for everyone on this project, even for listeners that didn’t enjoy his previous installments in the series.

As his viral TikTok hit partner, Beabadoobee has experienced in her recent album rollout, few songs are expected to reach the level of virality that “death bed” did earlier this year.

While the catchy tune may overshadow both of their respective careers, the fame is far from something they could regret, as Powfu has picked up millions of new fans in recent months that are just now discovering his authentic lo-fi talent.

Review: 4/5

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