Review: On ‘no future’, EDEN reconstructs personal stories to universal messages

The Irish singer takes on pressing world issues as he explores new genres

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It’s EDEN’s first album since his debut LP nearly two years prior.

Jonathon Ng, better known as rising Irish star EDEN, has always had a unique perspective on life and the situations that come with it. He believes that if something has a cause and is worth doing, it should be done with him in charge.

That’s why he chooses to write, record, mix, master and produce every second of his discography in his home studio no matter how big he gets. This singular hand in new forms of production blends genres like no other. It’s almost as if his music is the love child of Kanye West’s “808’s & Heartbreak,” My Chemical Romance and Zedd.

His last album “vertigo” was a bold debut that impressed both critics and fans alike. With lyrics that go deeper with every listen, Ng has a voice worth listening to over and over, searching for a different interpretation of his message with every listen.

Releasing hits such as “sex,” “XO” and “drugs” ensured that he would have the largest platform possible for the full-length projects to come. Once gaining traction, EDEN released four singles that were met with positive reviews before dropping the long-awaited sophomore album “no future.”

Over 19 tracks, EDEN blends songs, instrumentals and interludes like no other artists have ever accomplished. Still having created the album in its entirety alone, his vision and ear are one to be unmatched compared to most artists that claim originality in their creation.

The new project aims to dig deeper and be even bolder as he discusses themes including climate change, toxic relationships, social media and anxiety.

Ng does this by taking stories and interactions from his personal life, converting them into broad messages and hoping listeners can take something away from his soulful croons on the emotional subject matter.

A standout component of the album is the technical production and fine-tuning of the album, as it’s clear that he went to great lengths to make this a cohesive project reminiscent of stepping into another person’s universe.

Another aspect that’s worth noting is his brave attempt to discuss pressing issues in the modern world, encouraging a change amongst us no matter who believes it can or can’t be done.

While touching on these issues was a noteworthy and bold move, he seemed to have covered a few too many topics to make a significant impact, spreading his subject matter out too far.

EDEN also simply doesn’t have the fanbase and platform yet to speak on these matters and make the change he desires to see. As of now, he must continue to develop and grow to be fully understood and recognized as a leader on these topics.

EDEN brings a new form of pop into the spotlight that is slowly crossing the pond into other nations around the world. He deserves every bit of attention that comes to him, as he’s one of the few artists with a unique ear for progressive music and an agenda to bring peace among nations.

While the messages he shouts from the rooftops of Dublin may not be heard by everyone yet, EDEN is one artist to look out for, as he’s sure to have a future filled with hope ahead of him.

Review: 3/5

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