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A review of Jane Eyre, Part 2

Alright, time to get into the second half of Jane Eyre. I left off on my last review right at the point where Jane leaves Mr. Rochester. 

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Homeless Jane

I know Jane was trying to be all high and mighty and not take anything she felt she did not deserve from Mr. Rochester, but girl what was she thinking. She has no family and nowhere to live and she barely takes any money. Even Mr. Rochesters crazy wife would not be that dumb. 

She luckily stumbles upon the Reeds and I honestly do not understand their generosity or Jane’s willingness to take it. Jane was so proud she could not take any money from the man that tried to marry her and had a wife, but she’ll take from total strangers who are extremely hospitable. I just am unsure of the thought process there.

The Rivers

The Rivers are wonderful and I am so pleased Jane found them and stays with them. When the River sisters leave and Jane takes over the school I was relieved that she had a steady place of employment. I was initially hoping that Mr. Rivers would fall for Jane, however after I realized he loves someone else I began to root for them. 

Mr. Rivers is a dumb dumb man, and while he may be kind to less fortunate I will never get over his relationship with Jane. I mean he finds out Jane is his cousin and then asks to marry her. First of all weird because they are literally COUSINS, but also what kind of jerk tells her he does not want to marry her because he loves her or finds her attractive, but that he wants her to work for him as his wife. 

Also if a man had called me ugly in the past and then asked me to marry him I would be livid. What was Mr. Rivers thinking? Who would marry someone who does not love them? Do not get me wrong I understand people marry for money, but Mr. Rivers only has any money thanks to Jane. 

I thought I disliked Mr. Rochester, but Mr. Rivers stole the show. When I say dislike, I mean the feminist in me has to hold some distatse for their actions, however the romantic in me does still hope Jane will end up with one of them, mostly Mr. Rochester after I find out Mr. Rivers does not even have feelings for Jane. 

Return to Mr. Rochester

I was still pissed off about Mr. Rivers marriage proposal, so I was glad to see Jane going back to find Mr. Rochester and was hopeful for a reunion. 

The twist at the end with Mr. Rochester losing his sight and arm really through me for a loop, but honestly I think it made their relationship as he saw Jane as more of an adult and actually needed her not just for a wife but as a care taker, which he did not allow her to do any much of any care taking before. 

I was not surprised by their marriage and was pleased to hear Jane had had a child and Adele became a close companion for her. Her female cousins got married and Mr. Rivers did not, which was not a surprise given the way he acted when proposing to Jane.


The book started out quite boring, but, man, that plot took me on a rollercoaster of emotions in the second half. I highly recommend this book, as both a classic must read and good read. 

I am still confused about the ghost she saw when she was little because they never addressed that, but I suppose that is a minor concern. The only other issue I have with the book is how often they point out that Jane is ugly, only for the fact that it makes me sad for her and angry, but she gets two marriage proposals so she must not look that bad. 

The plot is crazy and the book is an easy read. I love that as a reader you get to watch Jane grow up and navigate the world truly on her own, and I think that was my favorite part. 

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