Review: New Music with a Message

Sia and Kendrick Lamar are back at it with a new song and an inspirational message to match. Exciting beats coalesce with inspirational lyrics in Sia’s newest song “The Greatest.” Released on Sept. 6, the single is off her upcoming eighth studio album, “We Are Your Children.”


Alone, this song would go down as an amazing power ballad sung by one of the strongest voices of our time. However, Sia and her team decided to make an important statement with the music and video. The video acts as a statement of empowerment for all the lives lost at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando earlier this year.

The 49 people killed in the most devastating shooting in America are represented by 48 children and thirteen-year-old dance titan Maddie Ziegler, also featured in Sia’s videos for “Elastic Heart” and “Chandelier.”

In the beginning, Ziegler stares at the camera while smearing rainbow paint to resemble tears across her face. The camera slowly pans across the room as one-by-one, the children begin to come alive. Wild movements, freedom of expression and emancipation characterize the video, with Ziegler leading the charge.

In the end, all of the dancers collapse while bullet-ridden walls stand in the background. Ziegler is shown crying before the abrupt end.

Sia, a member of the LGBT community herself, has never shied from making a statement or inciting change. She uses her social media presence to uplift her followers and promote charities and her inspiring songs can psych anyone up.

This video is just another way for her to bring something to light in a gorgeously artistic way.

The song is made even better with Kendrick Lamar on the track. His verse enhances Sia’s strong, uplifting message with on-par lines like “I am the greatest, hey, this is the proof” and “I fell twice before, my bounce back was special.” Their perfect pitches will make you question why this dynamic duo didn’t pair up sooner.

Sia’s new song is available through iTunes and Apple Music. You can watch the video on Youtube or Vevo.

Just one listen will let you know why this song is titled “The Greatest.”

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