Review: Megan Thee Stallion finally delivers some ‘Good News’

The album represents the artist’s debut LP

Megan Thee Stallion Twitter | Photo Courtesy
Megan Thee Stallion pays homage to old-school hip-hop throughout the album.

2020 may have been a rough year for the majority of people. Despite the year having its ups and downs for most, Megan Thee Stallion faced a worse year than most through a handful of intense situations.

Aside from losing two of her closest friends and family members earlier this year, she was also shot in both feet over the summer by fellow rapper Tory Lanez. Despite facing multiple setbacks in her personal life, she strived forward and came out on top with some ‘Good News’ for her fans.

Megan Thee Stallion’s debut studio album showcases her range further than any of her previous mixtapes or other projects. After what’s debatably the song of the summer, “WAP,” released by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, many assumed the album would be dripping with sex appeal from start to finish. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as she’s here to remind people that she’s not messing around when it comes to rap.

Over 17 tracks, Megan Thee Stallion has a lot to get off of her chest. On the opening track, “Shots Fired,” she recounts her side of the story regarding the events that took place this summer between her and Tory Lanez. While most was known knowledge, she didn’t hold back in the slightest when digging into him. If one message came from the album opener, it’s that she’s done letting people walk over her.

While many of the songs lean into a new direction for her, she still delivers plenty of the sound her fanbase has come to know and love from her. On tracks such as “Cry Baby (with DaBaby),” “Freaky Girls (with SZA)” and “Body,” she delivers her signature flow, style and sound that has propelled her to the top of female-rap stardom.

While it’s clear that Megan Thee Stallion took her debut album as a chance to prove her range to both longtime fans and newcomers, the album is filled with a substantial amount of filler music that gets lost amongst the rest. ‘Good News’ may have been a much more concise album as 10 tracks, should she have chosen to deliver quality over quantity.

Tracks that have the potential to be surefire hits as singles such as “Movie” with Lil Durk, or “Go Crazy” with Big Sean and 2 Chainz look to be lost in the public eye, as they’re overshadowed by big hits such as the “Savage Remix” with Beyoncé.

Throughout ‘Good News’ Megan Thee Stallion drops off plenty of club hits that her fans are eager to play outside when much of the party scene reopens. She addresses the fact that 2020 has been rough for most, yet it’s far from a pessimistic album. ‘Good News’ is simply just that, as it distracts her fans as she shows them a good time.

Review: 3/5

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