Review: Mad Games Tycoon 2

Live out your dreams as a game developer in this indie game

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“Mad Games Tycoon 2” will fill countless hours

Sometimes you need a break from the latest “Call of Duty” or the newest Mario game. You could go buy yourself another game from a big developer or you could try your hand at an independent game (indie game)

Indie Games are not made by hundreds of employees and offer something fresh and new. There are so many indie games to check out that you will not get bored.

A recent indie game that will for sure fill countless hours is “Mad Games Tycoon 2.” Currently in Early Access on Steam for the low price of $24.99.

“Mad Games Tycoon 2” is the sequel to “Mad Games Tycoon” but don’t worry you don’t have to play the first one to play the second. There is no grand story here or memorable characters, “Mad Games Tycoon 2” is not that kind of game.

“Mad Games Tycoon 2” is in the simulation/management game genre and puts you at the helm of your very own video game company. You start off in 1976, by yourself, in a tiny office, and must navigate the video game industry to become the biggest company out there or go bankrupt trying.

The game progresses through the entire history of the video game industry. From old 2-dimensional arcade games all the way to fully immersive virtual reality experiences.

You decide the title, the genre, the platforms, the engine, you decide everything. Then you make the game and watch as your employees type away adding progress to a bar. Once the bar hits 100% you can release the game or wait and hope your employees fix all the bugs.

Then the reviews come in and you are given a score, hopefully, it’s a hit. After that, you select a publisher or publish it yourself if you have the right equipment, and then you sit back as the money starts rolling in. Then you start the process all over again.

You can make sequels to a bestselling title, make a movie licensed game, remaster an old gem, create a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), or even fill your games with paid addons. You control everything.

A single game your company makes can either make you rich beyond your wildest dreams or bankrupt the company so be careful. As the years go by you can research new and exciting technology or genres to use in your games but doing so will also make the cost of production go up.

This game promises hours of fun as you try to climb to the top, and if you fail you can just start all over again.

This game is still in early access, however, so some content is not available just yet and there are of course bugs. Some planned features include creating your own version of Xbox game pass, investing in or buying out companies, creating your own game console, and so much more.

The game has been receiving consistent updates since its release which is a great sign for an early access game. If you have ever wanted to run your own game company then this game was made for you.

The game is available on Steam. If you do not own a computer and still want to experience this game the first one is available on Nintendo Switch, it isn’t as pretty and doesn’t have every feature the second promises, but it is still a great time.

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