Review: Harry Styles ‘Love on Tour’ concert

Styles delivers once-in-a-lifetime experience primarily showcasing his nearly two-year-old album, ‘Fine Line’

Julia Dalluge | Photo Courtesy
Styles is known for his one-night-only, iconic fashion at each show on tour.  

After nearly 15 months of delays, restrictions and pushback from stadium venues, Harry Styles’ “Love On Tour” is finally upon us. As stadiums slowly reopen to large sold-out events, fans couldn’t be more thrilled to see their favorite artists live again.

After kicking off the tour in Las Vegas, Styles and his live band began to embark on a world tour. Fans were unaware of what to expect from the artist, but they knew that they were in for a treat, based on what he did in 2017 for his “Live On Tour” shows.

Kicking off the evening, rising singer and opening act Jenny Lewis took the stage. While few knew her songs well, the crowd was enthusiastic and enthralled at her voice. Serving as a precursor to get the crowd loud and ready for the main event, Lewis most certainly did her job and attracted a few new fans along the way.

What was most interesting about the precursor to Styles’ performance was what happened in the brief interlude that took place between the opening and main events. The crowd was so excited to see Styles that the majority belted out the popular songs played over the speakers and danced with one another. They partied without stopping and eventually got louder than the speakers, at least until the lights went down.

When the lights came up, the crowd went into a manic frenzy as Style came out to perform his hit album opener, “Golden”. It quickly became evident that no matter the era that an attendee became a Harry Styles fan, they would be more than satisfied with the setlist.

As the tour supports his 2019 album ‘Fine Line’, the entirety of the album is performed sporadically, except for the slow-burning “To Be So Lonely”. Styles performed a wide range of hits from his self-titled debut album including “Carolina”, “Only Angel” and “Two Ghosts”.

For those that became fans even earlier, he avoids the majority of his One Direction songs, at least until he shocked the crowd with a performance of “What Makes You Beautiful”. While the main attraction ended with the six-minute ballad “Fine Line”, fans knew that he would return for an encore after recognizing the hits that he went without performing.

Soon enough, Styles returned to the stage to perform three of his largest career hits, “Sign of The Times”, “Watermelon Sugar” and the hard rock “Kiwi”. Nearing the end, Styles brought the energy to peak levels as he belted out the lyrics of the encore’s tracks in their entirety. Needless to say, he brought something for everyone that was well worth the not-so-cheap price of admission.

Styles had no shortage of energy on stage, as there was a connection between him and the audience that kept each other going for the hours that followed him coming to the stage. While it may have been quite a torturous delay for many to see their favorite British pop singer live in concert, it was well worth the wait.

Review: 4.5/5

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