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Review: American Horror Story, “My Roanoke Nightmare”

After many short videos teasing fans, we finally know what the theme and cast of “American Horror Story” will be.

On Wednesday night, season six of the popular show premiered on FX.

It all starts out with Ryan Murphy introducing the show saying, “Tonight we answer the question that’s been haunting everybody. Think you’ve figured it out? Let’s wait and see.”

After that short message by Murphy, the opening scene begins with the warning: “This story is based on true events.”

The next scene has the essence of a crime documentary and reveals the main cast members: Shelby (played by Lily Rabe) and her husband Matt (played by Andre Holland).

A new style to “AHS,” the show acts as a documentary. Lily Rabe and Andre Holland play the real Shelby and Matt, with Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. playing Shelby and Matt in the dramatization of the events.

This will be an interesting addition to the show, which is known for its experimentation each season.

Matt and Shelby find themselves victims of a gang initiation in the city of Los Angeles. Afterwards, they move to Matt’s home state of North Carolina, where they buy a house in a wooded area of Roanoke.

This name may sound familiar. In the colonial period,  over 100 English settlers disappeared from Roanoke with no evidence at all.

After the happy couple moves into the house, they start to experience unexplained phenomenon. This is where Ryan Murphy reminds us of season one — just like the Harmon Family, Shelby and Matt decide not to leave.

After multiple “acts of vandalism” and a break in, Shelby leaves in a hurry.

As she speeds down the road she hits a woman (Kathy Bates). Shelby gets out of the car and chases the woman into the forest.

In true horror-movie fashion, she gets lost in the dark forest and stopped by multiple people holding torches.

The last thing we see is a man with half his head missing — then the credits roll.

Overall, I think this is an interesting way to tell the story.

Like every season of “AHS,” fans still are unsure what exactly is going on. A basic understanding of Roanoke and some creepy people in the woods gives us the ability to make assumptions. But where’s the fun in that?

While we don’t know much about the story, we do know the main cast.

There are a few “AHS” veterans missing: Evan Peters, Denis O’Hare and Cheyenne Jackson all made it to the credits but not the show itself. Strangely, the only name not in the credits was the mother of monsters, Lady Gaga.

Gaga confirmed her return to “AHS” on Twitter, but given her name was not in the first credits, I think her role won’t be as significant as her debut on the show in season five.

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