Restorative Circles for Racial Justice now found on campus

Photo courtesy of: NDSU Counseling Center

Faculty at NDSU encourages students to share their experiences to educate the community

NDSU claims to be fully committed to equal opportunity and affirmative action in alignment with its values, but students say that past and recent incidents challenge this claim.

“In light of recent incidents involving violence and race, we want to offer a place to talk,” the NDSU counseling center said.

Restorative Circles for Racial Justice allow community members to stop, sit down, and listen to one another to help process difficult issues and strengthen communities.

According to, “the process takes its cues from and is rooted in, several indigenous traditions and cultural practices.”

The NDSU counseling team scheduled circle meetings for the last three Thursdays of April with their final meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 29 at 5:30 p.m. in the Prairie Rose room at the Memorial Union.

“The Restorative Circles for Racial Justices is part of a movement to engage our campus community in critical conversations about race,” Ashley Baggett, the Director of Women and Gender Studies and the Associate Professor of History said.

Each meeting consists of three different circles offered by Kristine Paranica with the NDSU Ombuds and Annette Ruiz with the NDSU counseling center. All discussions amongst students and faculty remain confidential.

“Rather than avoid challenging conversations, we need to sit in that space of discomfort and push ourselves to learn more,” Baggett said. “Ultimately, these discussions are vital towards promoting understanding and commitment towards equity and inclusion.”

All students are welcome and are encouraged to come as they are according to the NDSU Counseling Center.

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