Remember senior prom? me neither; NDSU to host prom for students

The NDSU Student Government holding a prom for students who missed out on last high school prom, tickets are selling fast

Student Government poster for the 2022 NDSU Prom.
Student Government | Photo Courtesy

The NDSU Student Government is hosting their first prom ever on April 23 in the Fargo Air Museum.

With the help of her team, Laura Friedmann, the Student Body Vice President, will have Deek’s pizza, MacDaddy’s Mac-N-Cheese, Sandy’s Donuts, Mocktails, Professional Photography and a DJ for students to have the ultimate night of fun. Student government is selling $10 NDSU student tickets and $15 non-NDSU student tickets until they run out. 

Her reasoning behind this event is to give students the opportunity to experience a prom that they didn’t get to experience in high school because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Last year, Friedmann was a part of a group that was thinking about putting together a prom for NDSU students, but because of the status of COVID-19 cases, it was not able to happen. 

“I was just at home one day in September and I was like we should do prom this year,” said Friedmann. “I’m a senior this year, so I had all the proms I could have wanted, but what I wanted to do was give the freshman and sophomore class the opportunity to have their prom and hopefully mend the hole that COVID left in their high school experience.”

Friedmann also explained that there are not a lot of big on-campus events in addition to football games where students can feel connected with the university and their peers. 

“I was hoping this could be an opportunity for people to be like, ‘Yes I go to NDSU, I’m glad I go here, I know what it means to be a bison,’” Friedmann said.

Some of the students may be wondering, why is it being held in the Fargo Air Museum? Friedmann wanted the event to be in a place a “little more grand” than an NDSU ballroom, and the Fargo Air Museum was the closest thing to campus. 

“Working with the Fargo Air Museum is so easy, they let us bring in whatever vendor we want. The capacity of the room is 1,200 people and I thought that was a good amount,” said Freidmann. “It also has a whole wall of glass windows, it’s gorgeous and it also really incorporates the idea of Fargo being tied into NDSU.” 

Unlike most prom themes like ‘a night under the stars’ or ‘enchanted forest,’ NDSU is sticking to its traditional yellow and green colors.

“Since this is a one time prom for NDSU, I thought it would be the easiest to continue with NDSU themed colors and do it in a classy way,” said Friedmann. “It will be green, gold, black, white and glitters and sparkles, and it’s just classy and glamorous.”

If the event is successful with students, could it be more than a one time thing? Freidmann says it could very well be a possibility, but there has to be a person who can coordinate an event like this every year, or it will flop.

“I could see it turning into more of a gala or a formal event, kind of like the ones Greek Life hosts, but this would be open to all NDSU students,” said Friedmann. “I definitely think it is possible for the Student Government to host year after year.”

In the end, Friedmann hopes that the freshman and sophomores feel like they got something back. She also hopes people go to this event and are wowed when they walk through the door.

“I want people to enjoy themselves and be able to relish in the moment,” Friedman said.

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