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Spilling the tea on season 14, episode six

*Warning* The following article contains spoilers for RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14, episode five.

Coming off eating her lipsync against Orion Story, Jorgeous is feeling a little defeated. Even though she slayed the lipsync queens never feel good about being in the bottom. Everyone got to see her perform and they should be scared to end up in the bottom with her. I hope that she can take the judges’ critiques and really start to get comfortable in the competition.

There was also a little drama between DeJa Skye and Daya Betty about her being safe last week while the rest of her team was in the top. This happens to a lot of girls who are doing well but aren’t ending up in the top. What I have to say is, being safe is better than being in the bottom. Focus on you and doing what you do best.

For this week’s Maxi Challenge, the queens will be competing in the Glamazon Prime fashion challenge. Using a variety of items and materials, ordered by Michelle Visage while sleep-shopping, the queens will need to create, by hand one fashion look for the runway.

The Pit Crew enters the werkrrom with mounds of Glamazon Prime boxes, and the queens go crazy, especially Jasmine Kennedie. As the queens start tearing into the boxes, they find a WIDE variety of things. Kerri found school supplies, Daya had oven mitts, Lady Camden had bed nets, I had no idea what they were going to pull out next. Then we are graced with Angria’s condom-find.

There is something that I was upset by while the queens were unpacking the boxes. Willow Pill wasn’t able to open any of the boxes and no one helped her. Willow has some health conditions that effect the dexterity in her hands. We saw her struggle with this during the last sewing challenge. I was really upset that no one helped her open anything. Instead, she just had to pick from the stuff other queens didn’t want.

The queens that I am going to be watching very closely this episode are going DeJa Skye, Jasmine Kennedie and Maddy Morphosis. I really want DeJa to wow me this week. As someone who says she is a seamstress she has been bring some very basic looks. I want to see something incredible for her to really show off her skills.

For me Jasmine has a lot to prove after breaking down after being safe in the ball challenge. She broke down in tears that she wasn’t able to push her looks far enough to win the challenge. So, I want to see what she is going to try to elevate to.

I am watching out for Maddy this week for all the wrong reasons. Maddy had proven that she isn’t the best seamstress and, on top of that, doesn’t have the best fashion sense. Maddy has gotten to show she personality through the acting challenges, but she struggles when it comes to her looks.

Maxi Challenge

Before getting to see the final looks, and going off of just the previews, the queens that I think are going to be in the top this week are Kerri Colby and Lady Camden. The previews that I got to see before the challenge made me really excited for the runway.

The queens that I think are going to be in the bottom are Maddy Morphosis and Jorgeous. I’m worried about Maddy because as she was constructing her outfit, she didn’t really have a clear vision. The main reason that I’m worried about Jorgeous is because she had to completely start over on her outfit with less than a day to finish.

So, I’m going to ru-view all of the Glamazon Prime looks this week. I’m going to do my best to keep this under 3,000 words. To watch the runway for yourself head to the RuPaul’s Drag Race YouTube page or click this link,!

The first queen on the runway is Lady Camden. Her outfit is just a wonderful as I was hoping it was going to be. The blue and pink look so great together. Her outfit was made from a kiddie pool, tent poles and bed nets. She looks like a fairly plucked from a storybook and put on a runway. It looks great, I think outfit will definitely put her in the top this week.

The second queen on the runway is Jasmine Kennedie. I don’t link Jasmine’s outfit this week. My biggest critique of the outfit is it’s so busy. The sunhat is completely unnecessary and takes away any of the height that she could have gotten with her hair. Also, the huge earring mixed with the halter top was an absolute no for me. The whole look was just a miss for me.

The third queen tonight was Daya Betty. I liked Daya’s look, there was storyline, and it was also well-constructed. I liked her choices of color with the pink and yellow and matching it to the puppet was a fun inspiration for the outfit. The outfit definitely gave me baby doll vibes with a little bit of twist. My only critique would be for a more tailored fit but realize that is hard with unconventional materials.  

The fourth queen tonight is Maddy Morphosis. My worst fears for Maddy have come true. The outfit does not look good. There really isn’t much of a silleoute, the dress is too short, the colors don’t really work together and the patterns don’t even line up. Her makeup is getting better but that doesn’t mean it’s spectacular. This is definitely going to put her in the bottom.

The fifth queen tonight is Willow Pill. I was glad to see that Willow was able to get a completed outfit to the stage after struggling during the challenge. I think that she had a strong concept, but her execution wasn’t completely there. The hands could have used some more work and some more monster-y details could have been added to the dress. Overall, it is a pretty good look.

The sixth queen tonight is Bosco. My jaw dropped when I saw Bosco hit the runway. Her outfit looks incredible. I can tell it is made from unconventional materials, but it isn’t because of the construction. Often pants in these types of materials goes horrible wrong, but these went amazingly right. Her chest piece looks great, her chocker, her jewelry, everything looks great. I’m super impressed with her this week. Here’s hoping for another win.

The seventh queen tonight it DeJa Skye. Again, I am underwhelmed by DeJa’s runway look. I have been waiting for her to put out a show-stopping look for my jaw to drop, but it just has not happened. Her outfit isn’t badly constructed, but it is just so basic. I think I’m going to have to stop waiting for that showstopper look because at this point, I don’t think it’s coming. It was a good outfit but something I have definitely seen before.

The eighth queen tonight is Angeria Paris VanMicheals. Angeria continues to bring it to the runway. She used two material that are extremely hard to work with, blinds and curtains, and turned them into an outfit you would see on red carpets. The shoulder details with the blinds add some shape and the actual black dress is made perfectly. Angeria continues to be extremely impressive.

The ninth queen to hit the runway is Jorgeous. All my fears that I had for Jorgeous after she had to start over were completely unnecessary. Her outfit tonight was great. Jorgeous did really well in the ball challenge, but I was not expecting an outfit like this from her. The outfit is simple, but in these challenges, simple is often better. Often queens try too hard to show off unconventional materials, but her outfit is something people would definitely wear. Jorgeous made one hell of a comeback this week.

The tenth, and final queen, to hit the runway is Kerri Kolby. I really like Kerri’s outfit this week. Her look is very couture and looks like something you would see on a runway somewhere. The construction could be better, but for someone who doesn’t sew this is really good. The variety of materials work very well together and shows off an edgier version of Kerri.

Tops and Bottoms

The queens in the top this week are Lady Camden, Angeria Paris VanMicheals and Jorgeous. I definitely agree with this top three. I think these ladies all brought great outfits to the runway and all of them are something that I could see someone wearing. Like an artist on tour, a model on a runway or even just some serving looks on the streets. I know that wasn’t a part of the challenge, but I think it proves these ladies weren’t just trying to give more, more, more they were trying to bring fashion to the challenge.

The queens in the bottom this week are Jasmine Kennedie, Maddy Morphosis and DeJa Skye. I also agree with this bottom three. DeJa’s look is definitely the top of these three, but she continues to bring sub-par looks on the runway. Even though she is a seamstress. Jasmine and Maddy’s looks this week were not up to par with the other queens this week. Those two are clearly headed for the lipsync for your life.

After deliberating with the judges, RuPaul gave Jorgeous her first win this week. Along with her first win, she also got $5,000 cash money hunny, brought to her by Sunday Riley. I Jorgeous definitely was deserving of the win this week. Her look was my favorite of the week. I hope this trend continues for Jorgeous.

The two queens that are lipsyncing for their life this week are Jasmine Kennedie and Maddy Morphosis. They will be lipsyncing to “Suga Mama” by Beyoncé. This is the first Beyoncé song to make an appearance on Drag Race and I was thrilled to see it. After their fight in Untucked, I think both of them have a fire they are ready to unleash.

As usual, Maddy is doing her signature style and taking a campier approach to the lipsync. Jasmine, on the complete opposite side of the scale, is giving her best impression of a drag version of the Queen Bee herself. Both of them put up a fight and proved that they both wanted to stay.

In the end, RuPaul decides Jasmine is the winner of the lipsync. I think Maddy did a great job, but I think this song was just too far up Jasmine’s alley for her to lose it. However, with the new twist of the season, Maddy still has a chance to stay. If she has the gold chocolate bar, she’ll be safe to slay another week. Unfortunately, all she had was a plain chocolate bar. This means Maddy Morphosis’s time on season 14 has officially come to an end.

To see Jasmine and Maddy’s lipsync sashay over to the RuPaul’s Drag Race YouTube page or follow this link,

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