Reasons to thank a farmer

Katy Blume | Photo courtesy
Kilee’s family farm combining soybeans in west-central Minnesota.

The people who feed America

There are many reasons why you should be thanking a farmer. Do you ever drink milk? Eat steak? Go hunting? Do you want more American jobs? Farmers are so important for many reasons. Without the help of farmers, none of you would have food on your plates. Farmers feed America.

October 12th is National Farmer Day. I encourage you to thank a farmer. There are many reasons why you should be thanking a farmer. There is never a day off for farmers.

Farmers are committed to their consumers. For every dollar you spend on food, a farmer gets 12 cents. Without farmers, you would not be able to enjoy affordable and safe food. Farmers take pride in ownership and they will always work hard until the job is done. You may even know someone who benefited from a job from a farmer, as they create many jobs.

I grew up on a crop farm from the day I was born. We farm corn, soybeans, and sugar beets. My dad is the big farmer in my family, along with my uncle and grandpa. It is not just those people who keep our farm going, it is my mom, my aunt and my grandma who make lunches and give rides. Along with many others who help out around the clock. Living on a farm my whole life, I learned a lot about agriculture. 

I live in the small community of Herman, Minnesota, which has a population of about 400. Everyone knows you, the farmers and whose truck is driving down the road just from the logo on their doors. My family and other farm families in the community are proud of what they do. We are known for being a small farming community.

Farming was a practice that got instilled in my early life. While I was growing up, I participated in agriculture activities. I was in FFA (Future Farmers of America) and 4-H. Within these activities, I showed sheep, cows, pigs and goats. In 4-H, I made many trips down to the Minnesota State Fair to show my animals. During these trips to the Minnesota State Fair and competing in FFA events, I learned more about agriculture.

In FFA, I was a part of the General Livestock team as well as the Small Animal team, where we made an appearance at the Minnesota state convention. In the years to come, I hope more young adults join FFA and 4-H, for the experience and to learn more about agriculture and where their food comes from.

Right now is harvest season, a time where farmers are working around the clock to get their crops out of the ground. There are extra trucks, tractors and people out on the roads. There is also a good chance that a sugar beet may fly out of a truck while you’re driving down the road, be aware of that. 

But most importantly, be extra cautious. Drive the speed limit, stay off your phone, and be aware of what is going on around you. Maybe even look at the fields around you and see how hard farmers are working to get the crops out before the first snowfall.

I challenge you to thank a farmer. Remind them that you are grateful for the food on your plate. Remind them that they matter. Remind them to be safe. Maybe even pack a lunch and bring it out to a farmer (just saying, they love chocolate chip cookies). October 12th or any day of the week, thank a farmer. Farmers feed America.

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