Pulse Campus Tour at NDSU

Featuring Nick Hall, the Exiles, Hulvey, and Lecrae

On Tuesday, February 7, NDSU hosted Nick Hall along with the dance crew Exiles and artists Hulvey and Lecrae for the Pulse Campus Tour, a free college campus outreach event that is traveling around the nation spreading the word of God and the goodness of music. 

The Oceti Sakowin Ballroom filled up quickly as college students, community members, and lovers of Jesus began to file in. 

The Exiles, a Christian dance crew that was featured on NBC’s World of Dance, kicked off the event with an energy-filled performance that showcased their God-given talents. Later in the show, they also hosted a dance battle between two groups of students.

The Exiles called students from the crowd for a dance battle

After this bang of a beginning, the director and founder of Pulse, Nick Hall, brought a few students on stage to share their testimonies. The 3 students, Brita, Caleb, and Jalen, spoke on topics like finding God through football, creating a personal relationship with our Lord, and turning from temptation. 

Nick Hall and the students who provided testimonies

After these impactful stories, Nick Hall welcomed Hulvey, a featured artist on Forrest Frank’s, “No Longer Bound,” the 3rd most viral song in the U.S. this week. A few of the songs Hulvey performed were “Heaven,” “Holy Spirit,” and “Beautiful.” 

To preface his song “Beautiful,” Hulvey graced us with some words of wisdom, saying, “God doesn’t call us to repent, He calls you to enjoy His beauty. God is beautiful because I can trust Him. He knows me.”

Hulvey performing

Next up, we had a message from Nick Hall. Nick told of his background with NDSU and how during his time at NDSU, God gave him the idea for Pulse. 

He then moved into the ways the Lord is in our lives and the importance of creating a deep and personal relationship with Jesus. He gave the audience four points to remember and follow: Jesus sees you, Jesus loves you, Jesus invites you to more, and you must respond to Jesus.

Nick Hall presents his main message

These concepts and the overarching theme of the tour combined to create a room filled with God’s presence.

Once Nick Hall finished off his message, he introduced the last of the night’s performers: Lecrae, a leading performer in the gospel-rap category. Dressed in his new Church Clothes line, Lecrae delivered a performance nothing short of electric with songs like “Dirty Water,” “Broke,” and “Dirt.” 

In between each song, Lecrae gave a short anecdote or lesson he had personally learned in his walk with God. Before his song “Broke,” Lecrae told of how he had reached the top and it had opened his eyes, saying, “Let me tell you what’s at the top: broken people. Nothing on this Earth is gonna satisfy you because you were made for something beyond this Earth.”

Lecrae performing

To finish off the concert, Lecrae invited Hulvey back on stage to perform their new song “Walk,” and they ended the night with Lecrae’s most popular song, “Coming in Hot.”

This concert was a blessing to experience, and those who attended were truly impacted. Savanna Bader, a member of NDSU Chi Alpha, said, “It was a great experience with some great friends.” 

Nick Hall will continue to travel the nation with a few other artists including Maverick City and Lauren Daigle, providing a platform for the Christain community and even awarding some college scholarships. We thank God for this fantastic opportunity!

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