President Bresciani encourages students to avoid going home over Thanksgiving break

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Residence halls will remain open as the NDSU community is advised to not travel and students share their thoughts

President Bresciani wrote an email to the campus community on Nov. 5 advising everyone to stay in Fargo during the upcoming Thanksgiving break. The request to avoid returning home is to reduce the chance of a spike in COVID-19 cases.

“Travelling and attending family gatherings will be a sure way of spreading the virus,” Bresciani wrote, acknowledging the severity of the current outbreak. “We do not want students contracting the virus over the break and returning to campus with it.”

Kiri Scott, a junior, is optimistic about campus protocols. “I know NDSU is trying to keep both the students and staff safe,” Scott said. “Dean Bresciani has been happily sharing news to the students the whole semester and I appreciate the openness to the subject.”

Scott acknowledged the tough feelings some may face with not going home over break. “While it will be unfortunate to be stuck here for Thanksgiving, I know campus will make it as fun as possible.”

Scott said her plans are to get tested before doing any travelling.

Relating to Bresciani’s efforts in keeping campus open, senior Kate Byron also shared appreciation towards the consistent community updates. “I think the [president] is doing a good job of keeping us informed on what’s happening right now.”

Byron mentioned the flexibility NDSU is offering while other universities may not. “It’s nice we get to come back to campus after Thanksgiving, as a lot of schools are sending people back home for the semester, but I do worry about the possible spike in cases,” Bryon said.

Sophomore Marly Holmquist explained her concerns as an underclassman about a possible increase in cases after the break. “I don’t want us to have to be sent home again…I am nervous if cases spike too much, I will be kicked out of my dorm and forced to move home.”

While understanding the purpose of Bresciani’s email, Holmquist added the struggle students may encounter. “It is very hard to consider not going home,” she said. “Being away from family for this long is hard.”

Students who are traveling for the break are being strongly advised to get tested before leaving and after returning to Fargo.

Katlyn Balstad, a junior, also offered insight into the situation and her plan to quarantine prior to the break. “I am going home before Thanksgiving to quarantine with my family through winter break,” she said.

Balstad talked about how students traveling could cause a possible outbreak throughout the country. “Students traveling back and forth between different cities will lead to exposures all across the United States,” she said. “I feel the small sacrifice of choosing one location to spend the rest of the semester is important to stop the spread.”

In response to students being asked to stay in town, all residence halls will remain open over the break for no additional costs, Bresciani announced. Students staying are asked to notify the Residence Life staff.

Marketing Specialist for Dining and Residence Life, David Teeples, said they are currently working on the Thanksgiving break plan. “Students planning to stay over break must sign-up for break housing, which is available for no additional fee this year,” he said.

Teeples added that once details are confirmed, they will send out updates via email, the dining center website and across social media.

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