Pounds: A Full Restaurant Review

As much as I try to eat out at new places, there’s some restaurants that you can’t help but return to. Whenever the awfully dreaded question, “Where do you want to eat?”, comes up there this restaurant will always be in the rotation: Pounds. It’s located right in downtown Fargo at 612 1st Ave N, Fargo.

After becoming one of my roommates and my favorite restaurants, it only felt right to provide you guys with a full review on the restaurant and if you haven’t heard of it, show you what you’re missing out on. If it sounds like something you think you’d enjoy, I highly encourage you to give it a try.


Walking in, you’ll pick up the vibe immediately and not want to put it down. Even their online menu will give you a sense of how cool this place is. The walls are practically all chalkboards. There’s doodles, designs and sayings written all over the walls.

I guess we wouldn’t have to wonder, ‘if these walls could talk.’

There’s funky lighting along with plenty of retro, fun décor that fills the place. It’s a little bit smaller of a joint but still has plenty of seating with side rooms that have lots of natural light, at the bar rail or in bar area or even in their upstairs/balcony portion.

Pounds is not just an exciting place to go for an outing, but during the day hours and especially once it gets warm out it’s very family friendly. There’s outdoor seating once the snow melts and a friendly staff waiting to greet you. Once lunch rolls into dinner and thereon after, the vibe switches up. After 8 p.m., you have to be 21+ to enter the restaurant.

The lights go dim, music turns up and the energy picks up a bit. At this point it’s a little more of a bar feel but you can still relax at tables and conversate with friends. Overall, it’s a no brainer that can fit any specific purpose you’re looking for. 


If the atmosphere didn’t draw you in enough to come try this place out, the food just might. Their menu has a fairly wide variety, including Mac N’ Cheese bowls, burgers, wings, sandwiches and “Hippie Bowls”. My roommates and I are currently still on a mission to try the entire menu before we graduate.

Unfortunately, we aren’t getting too far because we keep wanting to order our favorite dishes instead of try something new, but we will get there.  The fries are to die for and can be accompanied with 11 different dipping sauces, or you can even try their ranch flight, a variety of 4 different ranch-based sauces. The food never disappoints and there’s a fan favorite for any craving. 


It’s not uncommon for customers to stop in just for a drink or two because the drinks they offer live up to high expectations. They have “Fruitopia’s,” fruity drinks ranging from dark or light liquor not to mention they just look cool. They have options for “Tipsy teas” like long islands or peachy keen.

If you’re unsure of trying a new place, consider this one drink that everyone should try at least once: the Spiked Capri Sun. Throw it back to your childhood days and give this one a shot. It literally comes in a Capri Sun pouch mixed with Titos vodka and lime.

On top of all that, they have a selection of beers including regular keg beers, porters, stouts, and IPA’s. 

If you have the opportunity, consider Pounds. I have a good feeling it’ll slowly become a restaurant to end the debate of where to eat and lead you to tell people, “You know a good spot.” Experience an atmosphere that you can’t get from other restaurants, try new and exciting drinks, and enjoy the company of your closest friends while doing so!

Don’t know where to eat again? Now you do. Try Pounds.

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