Popular Spring Break Destinations

Unlike other breaks, spring break is more than a week away from school for many. Relaxing at home with family and friends isn’t enough. Rather, it is a time for warm beaches and lively festivities.

Getting away, whether across the nation or across the border, from freezing temperatures, brutal wind and weekly blizzards are good reasons for a long-needed break.

If you are looking to plan a last-minute trip or are just curious about where everyone is going, here is the list for you.

Cancún, Mexico

Arguably, the most well-known spring break destination is Cancún. Known for its Caribbean coastline with white sandy beaches, the city has built a reputation as the top spring break destination. In fact, it’s rated as the number one destination according to Go Blue Tours.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If Cancún is too cliché, lying on the Pacific side of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, is a valid alternative. Although not as well known, Go Blue Tours sees it as one of the trendiest destinations. Featuring the new “El Malecon” boardwalk where visitors can experience local cuisine and culture.

Florida Beaches – Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale

No matter how great traveling to Mexico and the Caribbean may be, it is costly. If affordability is a top priority, saving money by not traveling abroad is a cost-effective option.

Side by side with Cancún for the most popular destinations, a domestic equivalent is a sunny beach in Florida. There are many options to pick from on the long Florida coastline. Differences are present in each Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

However, what they all have in common is affordability.  

“Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale rank among the cheapest domestic destinations to fly into,” according to Natille B. Compton with the Washington Post. “Travelers can then browse for hotel or vacation rental deals within driving distance of those hubs to cobble together the most affordable trip.”

Tybee Island, Georgia

If partying on crowded beaches is not too appealing, offering a Cape Cod atmosphere with Georiga weather is Tybee Island.

Compton notes that the destination isn’t too far from the culinary opportunities of Savana, Georgia. The weather is in the high 70s in March, and in addition to time on the breach, there are plenty of nature opportunities.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. However, it is less known as a spring break destination.

There may not be beaches, but there is an abundance of hot weather and entertainment. Plus, it has some of the cheapest airfare and hotel rates, according to Compton.

These are just some of the popular spring destinations. Some are more trendy, while others have stood the test of time and are just as popular as ever. While making a last-minute decision is still possible, places are filling up quickly.  

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