Plague Vendor’s “BLOODSWEAT” Album Review

Punk rockers Plague Vendor get
comfortable with their sound on their
sophomore album “BLOODSWEAT.”

Earlier this year, Californian punk band Plague Vendor released its gritty sophomore album “BLOODSWEAT.” Plague Vendor’s music is contagious and violent, perhaps the reasoning behind the suiting band name.

The band continues its trend of good name choice, as they could not have picked a more fitting name for their second release.

From the beginning, “BLOODSWEAT” is an intense, enthralling ride. This album makes you feel like you’re in a dark, sweaty garage banging heads along with the band.

Plague Vendor offers a high-energy brand of punk rock, somewhat reminiscent of classic punk band Black Flag. That being said, “BLOODSWEAT’s” hard driving guitar riffs and savage drumbeats are downright invigorating. Top that off with angst filled lyrics, and you have a winning formula.

“BLOOD SWEAT” is, at its heart, a raw album. According to Epitaph Records, “BLOODSWEAT” was recorded over the course of two weeks in as few takes as possible, demonstrating a more improvisational approach. This is not to say that the content of this release is premature or incomplete in feeling.

Plague Vendor has been playing together since 2009, and one can really feel the bond that the band mates have formed over their many years together.

Each song on “BLOODSWEAT” builds upon the energy of the last. Somehow, the album never seems to lose speed. If there were a perfect playlist for a riot, it would be this album.

“BLOODSWEAT’s” biggest downside is its lack of innovation. The album overall feels traditional and somewhat expected of the punk genre.

This lack of innovation, however, doesn’t come close to harming the quality of this release. “BLOODSWEAT” is a perfect high-energy punk rock anthem. You would be hard pressed to find something better to headbang to.

Plague Vendor has the feeling of a well-developed group that is ready to take over their corner of the music world. If you like punk, garage, metal or anything loud and angry, “BLOODSWEAT” is an essential listen.

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