Pinterest Interest| Life Hacks to Keep a Student Going


It’s that time of year again. The “life hack” posts are trending once more, and Pinterest users are living for them. If you have happened to miss when life hacks started to become more mainstream, they are generally unknown facts or advice that supposedly should make a part of one’s life “easier.”

From the best times to study to how long you should nap to be ready to go for your next exam, Pinterest has you covered with these five life hacks for college students.

The essay hack

This hack is perfect for anyone working on essays for classes, especially final papers. To use this hack, simply copy and paste your essay into Google Translate and listen to it.

By having Google Translate read your essay, you will be able to easily pick out mistakes you may have missed while proofreading.

Cold showers and warm showers

Ever wonder whether you should take a cold shower or a warm shower? This hack is perfect for you.

Take a cold shower to be more alert, free your mind and prevent colds. This is perfect for in the morning before class.

At night, take a warm shower to relax, reduce anxiety and alleviate headaches. Hot showers will also help open pores and clean your skin.

Best study time

Looking for the best time to study? This life hack explains that your best choice for studying is between the hours of four and eight in the morning.

Your mind is at full functioning capacity at this time, whereas at night your body and mind are preparing to rest for the next day.

How to write long papers

This hack is perfect if you have an eight-page paper due. The life hack explains that the formula to writing an eight-page paper is to break it down into 16 paragraphs.

Since you already know you will need introduction and conclusion paragraphs, that leaves you with 14 paragraphs and thus 14 ideas to support your thesis sentence.

By ordering these ideas and their supporting evidence, your end result will be an eight-page, structured essay.

Nap times

This life hack is all about the perfect amount of time to take naps. The post breaks it down into three different amounts of time, with different benefits that are attached to each.

Ten to 20-minute naps are perfect to boost alertness and energy. This is great if you are taking a short study break and are feeling a little sluggish.

Save your 60-minute naps to help with fact recognition.

Finally, 90-minute naps are perfect for helping improve your mood and creativity. They are also the easiest to wake up from out of the three.

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