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Being a native North Dakotan, I’m no stranger to the cold. I expect to be chilled to the bone for 5 of the twelve months out of the year. One thing that I’ve come to struggle with, though, is what the cold, dry winter weather does to my hair.

I know it sounds petty, but I’m sick and tired of my dry, frizzy, wind-blown hair that I can’t seem to manage. It doesn’t help that I’m trying to grow out my hair either. For some help with my predicament, I combed through some pins and discovered great tips for healthy hair. Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to having long, luscious locks:

DON’T wash your hair every day

Typically, people think it’s gross not to wash your hair every day, but it’s actually much better for your hair. Be warned: it may take you a while to “train” your hair so that it isn’t super greasy on the days you don’t wash it. Dry shampoo will be your best friend.

DO use conditioner every time you’re in the shower

When I started washing my hair only every other day, I thought I was supposed to avoid conditioner along with the shampoo. It turns out I was mistaken; you should apply conditioner to your hair every time you’re in the shower so that your hair continues to retain moisture.

DON’T style your hair every day

Give your poor hair a break from your straighteners and curling irons. I know it’s not plausible for most girls to go without styling every day, but when you can, take a break on those lazy Sundays at home. Who needs perfect hair while watching Netflix?

DO use coconut oil for added moisture

I’ve come to love how soft my hair is after using coconut oil. You can get a jar of coconut oil at a grocery store (CashWise or Walmart are two viable options) and apply the oil to your hair about every two weeks. I typically coat my hair for about 15 minutes before I hop in the shower and wash it out.

DON’T go months at a time between trims

For someone who is growing their hair out, it may seem sort of counterproductive to get a haircut so often, but try to think of a it as pruning flowers; you’re getting rid of all your dead ends so your hair can nourish the rest. It’s recommended to get your hair cut about every four to six weeks.

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